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FUAM Post-UTME 2017: Cut-off Mark, Eligibility And Registration Details

Posted: 06-Sep-2017 [16:42:10] into Post-UTME by myschool paul for fuam | 44 Comments

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Candidates who selected University of Agriculture, Makurdi as first choice in the 2017/2018 UTME and scored 170 marks and above are hereby notified that the Admission Screening application form is now available:

Steps for Online Registration: Post UTME Screening

a.     Candidates are required to pay a non-refundable fee of N2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira) only for UTME (service charge inclusive)

b.     Candidates will be given a University of Agriculture, Makurdi UTME screening payment slip from the Bank containing candidate’s JAMB number as User Name and Payment Pin as Password.

c.      Candidates are expected to register online for the UTME Screening exercise using the Payment Voucher information by filling the UTME Screening Registration Form available on the University website  (follow the guideline on the website).

d.     Candidates are expected to provide correct information about their candidature on the University portal and make a printout of the online registration form from the University website and come along with it during screening exercise.

Payment Options for Fees/Charges

Payment in the Bank or our website commences on Wednesday 6th September, 2017 and closes on Tuesday 19th September, 2017.

First generate your RRR number:

a.     Go to the University website ONLY (Not REMITA Website or a Bank Branch) to generate your RRR number.

b.     After generating your RRR number from the University website ONLY, choose any of the three payment options below to proceed with payment.

The University Portal has three payment options.  The options are:

1.     Internet Banking:  Go to the University website and follow the instruction on our website to make your payment on the portal using your bank’s ATM card.

2.     Mobile Banking:    Use your ATM card on a mobile device (i.e. internet ready handset, ipad, etc) on the portal to pay your fees/charges.  Follow the instructions at

3.     Bank Branch:          Go to any branch (nation-wide) of all the commercial banks on REMITA to pay the fees.

4.     Await the announcement

There is a video and text instructions/guidelines on how to make payment using the three options on the school's website

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Comments (44)
holuwarsheun11 says;
06-Sep-2017 16:41:59 ·
Ben90 says;
Thank God i will be de first 2 buy it
06-Sep-2017 17:07:17 ·
tsavsar; Pls is they any whatsapp group for uni agric? I have a challenge my name is not displaying on the participant list
So am confuse any help pls thanks
07-Sep-2017 09:54:10 ·
idalla4sure; Did u do change of institution?
11-Sep-2017 18:07:05 ·
tsavsar; Yes
18-Sep-2017 16:10:40 ·
Alacrity26 says;
06-Sep-2017 19:50:07 ·
giwa2017 says;
06-Sep-2017 21:54:30 ·
Nastie EmJhay says;
06-Sep-2017 22:04:13 ·
Odebright says;
Congrats in advance to all those who will be given admission. I'm a student there. Feel free to add me on WhatsApp lets chat.
07-Sep-2017 23:17:47 ·
studyhard says;
i searched my jamb reg no on thier portal and it is not displaying
08-Sep-2017 09:41:20 ·
Tvirustag; type checkmyjambresult them u will be able to retrive your jamb details
14-Sep-2017 15:21:14 ·
onlyme says;
is it wen dey close dia portal for screening dat jamb will rectify d issue wit dose of us dat changed institution?
08-Sep-2017 17:48:00 ·
bigj says;
Pls has any one bought form yet? l ve already paid the said sum but my name is not on the list and my pin is showing invalid I don't know what to do
12-Sep-2017 10:40:49 ·
jerryfc1 says;
I did my reg today bt d person for putting ur jamb score can't b edit just blank
13-Sep-2017 16:58:41 ·
jerryfc1; place provide for jamb score is blank not editable
13-Sep-2017 17:19:43 ·
Samaras753; Msg nd I'll help u complete ur registration, nd send ur slip via ur email
14-Sep-2017 00:25:19 ·
GideonOkibe; same thing here i cant edit the box meant to fill jamb subject and score
14-Sep-2017 04:18:01 ·
dannox45; Samara's just tell us how to do it or provide a link we can follow
14-Sep-2017 10:31:07 ·
Quoting: bigj;
"Pls has any one bought form yet? l ve already paid the said sum but my name is not on the list and my pin is showing invalid I don't know what to do"
12-Sep-2017 10:40:49
jerryfc1 says;
did u follow thru d school portal to make d payment
13-Sep-2017 16:58:59 ·
Samaras753; I can help, msg me
14-Sep-2017 00:26:18 ·
onlyme says;
guys, is dia any one who bought change of institution dat has registered for post utme?
13-Sep-2017 17:10:05 ·
akande1874; have not register i did not no maybe they open d site for us later
20-Sep-2017 17:44:18 ·
Elizzy738 says;
pls, I've paid the said amount in bank but getting to where I wanted to register I saw another remita dat is different from the one I used to pay for d bank, though there's 14-digit pin showing on the screen with the new remita. I then used d pin to login but it was showing invalid username and password. I'm confused. pls, any advice?
14-Sep-2017 03:31:20 ·
cezarpev; me too the same thing, am scared
14-Sep-2017 16:43:13 ·
bigj; experienced de same tin, don't panik u ve 2 confirm the pin first once it's confirmed u re gud 2 go
14-Sep-2017 19:36:46 ·
dannox45 says;
please do anyone have a solution on how to edit and fill in the blank space for jamb subject and score?
14-Sep-2017 10:28:47 ·
bigj; u ve 2 register lyk dat complete ur registration, dat 1 is not workin 4 now
14-Sep-2017 19:39:59 ·
dannox45; bigj are u just saying this from ur personal point of view,or from a reliable source
14-Sep-2017 22:28:29 ·
bigj; sory 4 de silence, BT ans ur question, it's 4rm personal experience
20-Sep-2017 18:24:50 ·
Quoting: dannox45;
"please do anyone have a solution on how to edit and fill in the blank space for jamb subject and score?"
14-Sep-2017 10:28:47
jerryfc1 says;
bro is all over so don't panic dat is Wat I have here too
16-Sep-2017 07:51:21 ·
dannox45; have u complete ur registration without filling ur jamb data?
16-Sep-2017 10:38:50 ·
jerryfc1; yes
01-Oct-2017 09:44:14 ·

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