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Replies (8)
shanpepe says;
When is the resumption date for (FUAM)
30-Nov-2015 22:11:46 ·
majik2013; Old students have resumed already, but for fresh students, wait for nxt year
02-Dec-2015 15:11:02 ·
queence says;
pls dose fuam accept direct entry
18-Dec-2015 16:55:53 ·
majik2013 says;
Ya....they accept
19-Dec-2015 19:36:44 ·
gentleflair says;
drop ur number 2 join fuam whatsapp group chat on dis number 08093922312, to gt info abt d school.
16-Feb-2016 10:59:55 ·
Zamxy1 says;
18-May-2016 20:38:26 ·
RaymondFuam says;
There is a 2016/2017 group on facebook
23-May-2016 18:01:01 ·
anonymous 764649194649495 says;
Good morning.. Made payment for my FUAM form through the bank and the print out am getting Contains no pin, how do I log in to complete my registration. . Please any help is welcomed. Thanks.
13-Sep-2017 11:18:37 ·

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