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DELSU Catchment Admisson List 2017/2018 Released

Posted: 14-Nov-2017 [16:35:02] into Admission by WF JOEREL for delsu | 59 Comments

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This is to inform candidates who applied for admission into Delta State University that the management of the university as released UTME Catchment Admission List for the 2017/2018 academic session.

Candidates are to follow the procedure below to check their admission status.

How To Check Your Admission Status
-Enter your JAMB registration Number in the space provided.
-Click on "Check" to view your admission status.


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Comments (59)
justbuchi says;
Which states are part of delsu catchment?
14-Nov-2017 12:45:03 ·
Peacey_Pearly says;
What's catchment admission?
14-Nov-2017 13:09:19 ·
iamadigwejohnpaul; I think they are the new names added to d list
maybe a second list we could say
am not sure
14-Nov-2017 13:40:22 ·
Peacey_Pearly; So it's like second batch?
14-Nov-2017 14:24:14 ·
Dejilero; No,dis is d real addmision list,if u attained d required com frm jamb,o level nd putme,den u re liable to d catchment of ur deserve course.This is d first batch addm so go check urs,gudluck.
14-Nov-2017 14:47:01 ·
maxwell 17 says;
Guys am wondering wats dat
catchment admission is all about
14-Nov-2017 14:17:42 ·
Dejilero says;
This is d real addmission list,forget about dat catchment,it expresses dat d canditate had meet d required combination nd due for addmission.Congratulation to d addmited ones.Rep futminna.
14-Nov-2017 14:43:13 ·
Peacey_Pearly; So this is an update to the first batch that they released before?
14-Nov-2017 14:50:27 ·
Dejilero; Yes.Bt dnt worry,jst check if u re addmited or re u already addmited.
14-Nov-2017 15:50:13 ·
juls says;
pls O I checked by its saying Reg no not found even though I beat the cutoff nd am from delta.. the issue now is I tried checking my post utme result by its still showing reg no not found, what is wrong or what should I do?
14-Nov-2017 14:59:34 ·
Peacey_Pearly; There's nothing wrong with your post utme... All those that wrote the first post utme.. Their result aint showing
14-Nov-2017 15:03:18 ·
juls; TX dear bt why haven't I been given admission yet nd I beat cutoff
14-Nov-2017 15:06:23 ·
ifediorajoyce; Pray very well. Ur village people at work
14-Nov-2017 15:17:26 ·
Christo Prex; *Same here... I'm really, very, seriously tired... I just hope it's nat the second batch... I'm one of the highest persons in my faculty... I'm even from Delta... Submitted everything... Yet I haven't been admitted I told my mom I wanted to go there from Lagos she said I should wait... Anyway... I'm gonna go when I have gotten info from there... I know how much I've spent... And I made it even more than I needed to... This is nonsense...! @juls if you're in Delta pay them a visit please...*
14-Nov-2017 15:22:08 ·
ifediorajoyce; But on a serious note all this lists dey've been releasing since ur name is nt on any? and u said u can't even see ur result and its still saying reg number not found......dt means dey didn't record u as someone who regstred for their screening
14-Nov-2017 15:22:35 ·
emeraldbility23; Christo you have not gone to the school but i have been there and i was able to meet the registrar but all to no avail. Those people are just misbehaving and someone like me is loosing my patience already.
14-Nov-2017 15:32:27 ·
Dejilero; Mayb its a mistake frm d skul,dey might delete or misplace some list,bt God help sha.
14-Nov-2017 15:58:13 ·
Christo Prex; *@Elmerald... did you mean you weren't able to meet the registrar???*
14-Nov-2017 16:27:47 ·
15-Nov-2017 15:09:26 ·
Christo Prex; *Adachukwup did you re-upload your o'level result???*
17-Nov-2017 09:55:18 ·
ifediorajoyce says;
Lol..Catchment is their indigens!
14-Nov-2017 15:13:12 ·
maxwell 17; Well hw do u know its for indegine
14-Nov-2017 15:23:15 ·
ifediorajoyce; Evry1 know catchment is indigenes
14-Nov-2017 15:26:04 ·
Dejilero; Ife go nd sleep jor
14-Nov-2017 15:54:27 ·
iamadigwejohnpaul; indigene my yansh
dem never gimme admission na
and am an indigene
and besides have not seen testimony from
what's going on 😔
14-Nov-2017 16:18:50 ·
ifediorajoyce; Ur grace is difrnt from others
14-Nov-2017 18:40:08 ·
emeraldbility23 says;
Catchment nonsense!!! I thought they said that there will be nothing like catchment this year. All these are confusing and tiresome. They should just release their second list lets know our stand and stop wasting our time unnecessarily. Only heaven knows what they are considering but they can't stop me.
14-Nov-2017 15:25:44 ·
ella1999; Emerald I'm also fed-up with their nonsense... They should release all I don't know what is delaying since September.. Haba
15-Nov-2017 07:04:28 ·
Eto Gift says;
Yes finally. Thanks be to God I've been admitted.
14-Nov-2017 15:29:31 ·
ella1999; Congratulations but eto are you from delta state?
15-Nov-2017 07:05:30 ·
Eto Gift; yes
15-Nov-2017 10:37:12 ·
Peacey_Pearly; You're urhobo abi?
15-Nov-2017 11:36:09 ·
Omags T; Pls ooooo Gift help me check 76506691gg
15-Nov-2017 12:05:37 ·
Eto Gift; reg no not found or may not be considered yet
15-Nov-2017 14:59:03 ·
Omags T; alryt thanks
15-Nov-2017 15:50:23 ·
ella1999; Gift pls can you give me your number? I want to as you some questions
17-Nov-2017 07:23:20 ·
juls says;
Joyce what do u mean by they didn't record me?
14-Nov-2017 15:31:36 ·
emeraldbility23; My dear don't mind them everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion and but some people are seriously not helping matters. You are fully recorded that for sure cos that was what the man i met in the admission office told me. Lets just faithfully wait for the second list.
14-Nov-2017 15:36:28 ·
juls; Wait for second batch?thought this catchment list is second batch
14-Nov-2017 15:48:06 ·
iamadigwejohnpaul; I tire oo
14-Nov-2017 16:16:18 ·
Christo Prex; *I don't even get them anymore... But I don't think it's supposed to be... But who knows???*
14-Nov-2017 17:19:12 ·
Christo Prex; *@Elmirald when did you go to the office??? And was it "the man" at the office(which office exactly please...???) that told you that the catchment list is nat the second list and you should wait for The second list???*
14-Nov-2017 17:24:15 ·
Abramnero says;
Catchment list is d 2nd batch. Xo if ur name isnt in d catchment list dont panic wait for 3rd batch or mop up list. Its wel tho!.. By d grace of God admitted to study biochemistry
14-Nov-2017 20:42:05 ·
djoedena; Thank God for you
15-Nov-2017 14:01:58 ·
Ibrolawas says;
Congratulations to Admitted ones. Unilorin, Pls show ur own nah
15-Nov-2017 00:16:40 ·
love_proxy says;
I've just checked mine and it keep showing me dat my reg no ain't found,I really don't know what to do cus delsu is very frustrating..
15-Nov-2017 02:40:53 ·
djoedena says;
Delsu is crazy. I scored as high as 80 yet not in 2nd batch.
15-Nov-2017 14:00:46 ·
Marvelstantine says;
Is catchment list second batch????
15-Nov-2017 21:11:14 ·
okeyshedrach says;
I have been admitted medical biochemistry and genetics..not even an indigene.. my God is good let the testimony continue flowing
15-Nov-2017 23:34:18 ·

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