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DELSU Departmental Admission Cut-off Marks 2017/2018 Released

Posted: 07-Sep-2017 [16:52:07] into Departmental by clement oghenetega for delsu | 185 Comments

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The management of Delta State University has announced the departmental cut-off marks for admission in the 2017/2018 academic session.

The Admissions Board (UAB) of the university at its meeting held on Wednesday August 30, 2017, considered the weighted average scores across the faculties and recommended the underlisted as cut-off marks for the 2017/2018 academic session.

S/N Faculty Cut-Off  Mark
1 Agriculture  
Agric. Economics/Extension 45
Animal Science 45
Crop Science 45
Fisheries 45
Forestry & Wild Life 45
2 Arts  
English & Literary Studies 60
Fine & Applied Arts 51
French 45
History & Inter. Studies 57
Linguistics 45
Linguistics/Urhobo 45
Music 45
Philosophy 45
Religious Studies 45
Theatre Art 55
3 College of Health Science  
Anatomy and Cell Biology 57
Medical Biochemistry 62
Medicine & Surgery 74
Nursing Science 69
Pharmacology & Therapeutics 58
Physiology 50
4 Education  
Agric Education 45
Biology Education 51
Business Education 46
Chemistry Education 45
Computer Education 45
Economics Education 45
English Education 50
Fine Art Education 45
French Education 45
Geography Education 45
Guidance & Counselling 45
Health Education 45
History Education 45
Home Economics 45
Integrated Science 45
Library & Information Science 45
Mathematics Education 45
Music Education 45
Nursery & Primary Education 45
Physical and Health Education 45
Physics Education 45
Political Science Education 48
Religious Education 45
Social Science Education (Social Stud.) 45
Technical Education 45
5 Engineering  
  Civil Engineering 57
  Electrical Engineering 57
Mechanical Engineering 57
6 Law
  Law 63
7 Management Science  
Accounting and Finance 53
Banking & Finance 51
Business Administration 52
Marketing 45
8 Pharmacy  
Pharmacy 68
9 Science  
Animal & Environmental Biology 45
Biochemistry 57
Biochemistry Technology 55
Biological Technology 45
Botany 45
Chemistry 45
Chemistry Technology 45
Computer Science 62
Environmental Science Technology 45
Geology 50
Industrial Chemistry 45
Industrial Mathematics 45
Mathematics 45
Microbiology 58
Physics 45
Physics & Electronics Technology 45
10 Social Science  
Accounting and Finance 53
Business Administration 52
Economics 65
Geography & Regional Planning 45
Mass Communication 62
Political Science 60
Psychology 47
Sociology 52

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Comments (185)
calebify says;
07-Sep-2017 16:51:54 ·
See cut off, medicine and surgery 74, meaning you need at least an aggregate of 78-80 to get admitted into the department, wish you all best of luck because not everyone will get it, medical school no be beans
07-Sep-2017 16:56:11 ·
Daniel999 says;
How do someone know the aggregate.. Is it the p. Ume score? Reply please
07-Sep-2017 16:58:43 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; your jamb score divided by 8 gives you 50% of the aggregate while the post ume over 💯 divided by 2 gives you the other 50%... that's how is calculated
07-Sep-2017 17:02:57 ·
profchudo says;
criminal no go find work.
the thunder that will r*pe you is still in d**k enlargement machine
07-Sep-2017 17:46:43 ·
chuckss2 says;
patiently waiting for admission list
My jamb score 248
Postume score 80
Agg 72
Economics cutoff mark 65
07-Sep-2017 17:58:12 ·
Owolabiabel; congrats in advance.
07-Sep-2017 18:00:14 ·
chuks_21; thanks owolabi
07-Sep-2017 19:18:57 ·
Gold_mma ; Was ur post utme Qz hard... Were dy from jamb Q
08-Sep-2017 00:56:17 ·
Iceriino; Congrat Bros
08-Sep-2017 01:20:59 ·
chuks_21; gold_mma d postume is apptitude test ... questions like

*REAR is represented as 2468. what is EAR?

*a shepherd had 19 sheeps. all but 9 died. how many sheeps are left?

bottomline; u dnt even have to read to write it.. its a brainwork sontin
08-Sep-2017 06:55:27 ·
chukszx says;
o boy dz delsu cut off make sense abeg... congrats to my friend who applied for civil engineering wt an agg of 66... Nd d cut off is 57.
07-Sep-2017 18:12:23 ·
Ezeonyima70 says;
nawaoo.... soon high
07-Sep-2017 18:48:02 ·
Duke05 says;
Na wa ooooo, mine is 63 and
political science cut off mark is 60,
can i be admitted?
07-Sep-2017 20:37:39 ·
Iamtopsy; u can't
08-Sep-2017 10:22:38 ·
danfaithim says;
oh my gosh I scored 62 after I divided everything and cutoff is 62 what should I do now?keep my fingers crossed and hope in God oh...I rep medical biochemistry
07-Sep-2017 20:50:16 ·
Ak Fejiro; O girl u re lucky post ume really helped u
Dont worry u wil b admitted
08-Sep-2017 19:32:41 ·
chuks_21; with the look of comments here, its like predegree students didnt do well this year
11-Sep-2017 07:09:15 ·
danfaithim; yes post utme helped me a lot we tank God
11-Sep-2017 07:26:15 ·
chuks_21; ok...
11-Sep-2017 09:17:58 ·
danfaithim says;
post utme:76
medical biochemistry I scored 62 at the dot
07-Sep-2017 20:53:07 ·
Ogbisdino3; What's the name next step for u now?
10-Sep-2017 13:30:08 ·
danfaithim; all hope in God
11-Sep-2017 07:24:41 ·
Ogbisdino3; OK, add up on what'sapp +2348075998343
14-Sep-2017 01:05:35 ·
Ogbisdino3; I scored 50
14-Sep-2017 01:06:36 ·
Okolie rosemary says;
Aggregate 71 , cut-off 63,law.thank you Lord cos only you can do this
07-Sep-2017 21:02:52 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; Rosie na me Tega from hostel, your admission don guarantee already na, congratulations
07-Sep-2017 23:29:09 ·
tochprince; otos hwfa
u dey town
08-Sep-2017 01:31:13 ·
Okolie rosemary; Hwfa tega.Nawa all of una just run leave me since I still da abkooo da wait for delsu...
08-Sep-2017 05:11:50 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; Tobe I dey, message me privately.. Rosemary na u dey find admission na, no worry, your own guaranteed, 1st batch, leave that room, I dey eye am seff
09-Sep-2017 00:51:08 ·
Annyb says;
Cut off mark is 58 I calculated mine to be 61
07-Sep-2017 23:29:23 ·
GoodyBankz says;
08-Sep-2017 00:06:02 ·
GoodyBankz says;
08-Sep-2017 00:29:54 ·
Okolie rosemary; They said did divide your jamb score by 8 and divide your aptitude test by 2 give you the aggregate. But am still doubting this formula to b authentic because if they weren't interested to use weac as well , then why give deadline to those who hvnt.but the above method has been delsu usual way of calculating aggregate until last year wen waec was added and utme wasn't conducted.
08-Sep-2017 05:17:57 ·
Eto Gift; Rose Mary you're making sense. we shouldn't just conclude with do much ease, how about the O'level why is it necessary to delsu let the method of calculation be out first guy. stay tuned
08-Sep-2017 05:51:44 ·
Okolie rosemary says;
From my findings over 8,000

candidates applied for delsu admission and a lot scored high for the various dept applied if not why will delsu place theatre art that use to b 45 to b's shows this year will b start praying as if it all depends on God. And I heard lecturers areally not given list this year I.e a lecturer can't help you get admission it's going to b purely merit/v.c's and house of assembly list.if you you know your only connection is God like me then start contacting him now before it's too late.God can make the typist to type in your name mistakenly instead of someone else .that's what my God can do!
08-Sep-2017 05:24:52 ·
Tonyzeal; D tin tire me ave already started fast and pray
08-Sep-2017 11:51:33 ·
Alexandre_; Lol....Rosemary...Even if DELSU Vice-Chancellor has been rated the most wicked and heartless VC's of all time....He still gave lecturers a Direct-Admission form but he reduced it to one form per Lecturer which most lecturers have considered cruel because the last VC gave each lecturer three (3) forms. Many lecturers use these admission forms to make money rising from a price tag of 20,000 - 70,000. But now lecturers sell the forms for nothing less than 90,000 to 150,000 naira for desperate aspirants who have the cash. I'm talking out of experience bcos my friend who's an aspirant aiming to become a medical student in DELSU paid N100,000 last weeK to a lecturer for Direct-Admission....I can't blame him bcos in this world we are can buy almost everything....
08-Sep-2017 22:05:01 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; lol... all these people thinking as long as you pay 💰 to 1 somebody your admission is guaranteed, it's a lie, most of them are scammers, 1 security man from campus 3 small gate can be claiming lecturer and they will run with your money, a friend of mine paid 60k for nursing last year to God knows who and that was the end of it, he got admission into biology education, don't trust anybody.. 1 thing is that getting admitted into medical school is hard but staying in is harder, here 1 carry over and your out of the dept, 16 people
failed out of my class and the 200L, 20 people failed out, so no be beans.. even if he runs pay, we will be here waiting for him to see how it all turns out..
09-Sep-2017 09:29:48 ·
Alexandre_; Book of June...I understand what your saying, but my friend I'm talking about isn't a dullard. He scored 254 in Jamb, In Waec he had four (4) B's and One (1) Credit in the relevant subjects, He scored 82 in DELSU post-utme. He just had to pay that N100,000 to secure his admission.
P.S: His sister graduated this year in Human Kinetics and Health Education....So it was a Lecturer in his sister department that he payed the money to, with his name and every other credential written in the form and has been submitted to the Registrar in charge of Admissions Abraka...
:- So my friend admission story isn't and won't be scam...
11-Sep-2017 19:07:24 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; amen and I hope so, looking forward to meeting him, what's his name??
11-Sep-2017 20:16:23 ·
adeleke5140; Did you hear about the CAPS JAMB introduced, back-door admission won't be as easy as it was again, and if they still wanna do it. it's gonna be extremely difficult.
24-Sep-2017 17:24:47 ·
Alexandre_; Lol...#Adeleke, I know about the CAPS jamb introduced. I forgot to mention that my friend did 'pre-degree' in Abraka, which he passed. His Dad just paid N100,000 to secure his admission, that's all.
24-Sep-2017 21:09:06 ·
Alexandre_; Book_of_June...I'll let you know my friend in question, since you've asked of his name. But I won't disclose it 4 now due to some reasons, but I'll definitely let you know.
P.S: You'll meet him a 100L "Medicine and Surgery" student by God's grace, since you're a medical student also in Abraka yhu'll get along very well. So you can meet him in person and clarify everything I've said here, and clear your doubts including Okolie's.
24-Sep-2017 21:47:54 ·

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