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DELSU To Conduct Aptitude Test For 2017 Admission Screening Exercise

Posted: 20-Jul-2017 17:45:14 into Post-UTME by myschool paul for delsu | 123 Comments

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The Delta State university (DELSU) has disclosed that it will conduct an aptitude test for candidates applying for the 2017 admission into undergraduate programmes offered in the university.

This was disclosed by the Registrar of the university, Daniel Urhibo when contacted by newsmen.

He however stated that the aptitude test the school is going to conduct is quite different from the one conducted by JAMB and it will be computer-based.

When asked to state the difference between the computer based test the school is going to conduct and the Post-UTME test that was abolished by JAMB last year, the Registrar told newsmen that the Federal Government did not scrap post-UTME test.

He explained: “It is the same agency of the government that said ‘you can select your students’.

“Twenty-six thousand candidates applied to DELSU; how do you select, may be 5,000 or 6,000? There must be some kind of uniform test to assess them.

“Last year, we asked them to submit their secondary school results and we graded them. Do you know that people claiming to have ‘A’s in their results could not write their names?

“Some of them had forged results. We went to the internet and discovered that somebody who claimed to have scored 300 in UTME had just 120.

“So, if you use that type, you won’t get the best; that is why there is some kind of a little aptitude test for them.”

Regarding the N5000 candidates are expected to pay for the screening as against the 2,500 approved by the federal Government last year, he said that the N5000 is to cover the cost of the aptitude test as the schools is not in good financial position to cover the cost.

He mentioned that the school need money to get materials for the test, pay those that will administer the aptitude test and mark it as well as service its computers and develop the software for the test.

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Comments (123)
WFHighness says;
FTC. Nawa ooooooo
20-Jul-2017 17:50:08 ·
Omobolawa; Anybody with Abu group chat please
20-Jul-2017 20:49:30 ·
Herbephe1; #5000 is too much oo,the economy is not smiling at all
21-Jul-2017 16:26:26 ·
impetus says;
rubbish. don't worry, you soon find ur self in efcc net. you want to make money by that means. thief. FTC
20-Jul-2017 17:53:56 ·
Tontobom; Shut up. Putme is sharp jare. The man is wise.
21-Jul-2017 14:16:11 ·
pete566rer; post utme is da best.... Imagine someone that got 5A's in ward and got 299 in jamb last year got a g.p of 1.56gp....i laugh
21-Jul-2017 14:51:56 ·
Ugwu-Victor; Exactly.You can't get the best of candidates with the system being used for admission now.
Imagine a scenario where a student has 6 A's in Waec ,158 in jamb and can't construct simple English.Doesn't it begs for many questions than answers ??
These system of waec result + jamb score is not working & will not work !.
The earlier the FG realises it, the better for our education sector.#Bringback postutme.
22-Jul-2017 09:27:15 ·
Tontobom; Nobody is saying putme isn't a bit porous but we all know that the degree of the porosity of O'level exams is alarming. So,why would our leaders even think of merging o'level with jamb in giving admission? They did that for their own selfish interest knowing that their children attend schools that would always make their students have almost all A's in their o'level results,since they can hardly compete with their not so rich ones in the putme.
22-Jul-2017 12:41:04 ·
Ugwu-Victor; U de mind them.
I just pray they look into these admission system recently in use bcos alot of persons had castigated it and will continue until something substantial is done about it.
22-Jul-2017 14:42:06 ·
Tontobom; @ impetus,the way one react to issues goes a long way to show who one really is and also how shallow minded/thoughtful one is. There was no need insulting me. You could do well by convincing this noble and humble house of intellectuals that your own stand is better. That was a cheap mentality you portrayed. I hope you learn how to handle and tackle issues rationally and fast. Receive sense.
22-Jul-2017 23:20:28 ·
Goddy1241 says;
Delsu why? You are telling lies..
20-Jul-2017 18:00:15 ·
medo206; Guy it's real man
23-Jul-2017 20:14:34 ·
Heinrich Himmler says;
#6000 for weting na. abeg shift lemme faint o. Effc dey come for you.
20-Jul-2017 18:05:19 ·
ogodocity; When last did you go for brain upgrade?

Am just asking😕
20-Jul-2017 21:37:23 ·
Heinrich Himmler; Lol. ask ur dad when last dem upgrade ur brain. Useless f**l.
21-Jul-2017 17:52:38 ·
Henrilism2 says;
Hmm !

This is surprising !

Delsu aspirants , you better goan start reading
20-Jul-2017 18:05:38 ·
thestar says;
Supported!!! unilag should follow suit!
20-Jul-2017 18:24:32 ·
eternaltruth; Oh God please let uniben follow suit pls and conduct postutme so that my law ambition may be feasible.
20-Jul-2017 20:00:39 ·
Henrilism2; I support that bro , UNIBEN should follow the same step and I believe my Med and surg aspiration will be fulfilled
21-Jul-2017 07:32:18 ·
Young-scholar; Yes so, Uniben should follow suit..
21-Jul-2017 09:45:47 ·
thestar; Scrapping out of post utme will bring utter confusion in the decision to determining departmental cut off marks of courses... Even to courses that aren't well sought- after, eg philosophy in unilag...
23-Jul-2017 16:35:53 ·
grabb; True, come and see 100 level semester result very bad... Bring pume back Jor... Jamb na wash
25-Jul-2017 17:20:11 ·
thestar; really? I am not startled anyways, when institutions have the constitutional right to question the authenticities of the As and Bs, jamb moved the motion to exterminate it... #bringbackpostutme!
26-Jul-2017 12:41:20 ·
Murphy02 says;
nice one
20-Jul-2017 18:47:56 ·
Murphy02 says;
AAU should also conduct aptitude test,I think is the best way to get the best students and not the so call o.level screening.anyone can get A or B's in the o.level and that can never be a true test of any students ability.we are in Nigeria where the best are been sideline and the sharp one who pay for exam runs and get the best of results are been considered for admission.
20-Jul-2017 18:54:27 ·
eternaltruth; Postutme is indispensable. I remembered how I cried bitterly last year while I lost my admission into UI due to this o level grading modality cos my o level were littered with C6
20-Jul-2017 20:03:14 ·
SoliuFilJannah; Same here
24-Jul-2017 09:48:06 ·
Murphy02; pls any AAU medicine and surgery aspirant should pls send me message or add me on 07031843457. for Better info as pertaining d admission time plssss
24-Jul-2017 17:21:12 ·
Murphy02; am a medicine aspirant of AAU
24-Jul-2017 17:21:50 ·
Jay Rae says;
Odikwama! they will know who is who

no be to get A's 4 WAEC, high score 4 jamb....defend urself in dis post ume matters now!

delsu aspirants go n read wat u couldn't finish!
20-Jul-2017 18:57:08 · says;
De way waec is really dashing grades rili got me wondering.....
20-Jul-2017 19:08:26 ·
Jay Rae; Azin eeh.....d one daht nearly got me mhadt was one girl 4rm enugu dat got A's parellell!.....i nearly called "funkeeee".

as am typin now i'm looking 4 a space to faint!
coz mah sister fainted whr i ws supposed to faint!!
20-Jul-2017 20:25:30 ·
Onomzybae; Lol
14-Aug-2017 13:11:48 ·
glo446 says;
Delsu get candidates oo 26,000 na wa.
20-Jul-2017 19:10:07 ·
jospam says;
Nice one delsu, let other schools follow the trend.
20-Jul-2017 19:59:44 ·
stanleykizy says;
I told some of PEPs but they won't believe me see nw. I deeply love delsu. I pray make FG nor stop am o. I don't sea prepare since o
20-Jul-2017 20:22:22 ·
Noble Superior says;
correct....... i luv dis..... delsu dikwa sharp. now let see who is who.... is time to defend ur waec and jamb result hahahaha so if u knw wot is gud for u start reading or x wot happened in 1960 will repeat itself i have vibrated
20-Jul-2017 20:29:11 ·
Tumi rae.. says;
I love these sincerely...Unilag please follow suit oo cause me i don't buy these olevel grading thing.
20-Jul-2017 20:45:23 ·

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