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DELSU 3rd Batch Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 21-Nov-2016 [15:57:32] into Admission by paeri for delsu | 86 Comments

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This is to inform aspirants of Delta State University that management of the institution has released the 3rd Batch of admission list for 2016/2017 session.

To check your admission status, visit

-Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided

-Click on "Check" to view your admission status.

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See official list of courses offered in DELSU


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Comments (86)
Ayodeji9555 says;
ftc..congratulations to al admitted ones...Rep unilorin
21-Nov-2016 16:13:44 ·
cchuks25; Is unilorin bringing anoda list?? @ ayodeji955😶
21-Nov-2016 16:54:32 ·
Ayodeji9555; from what have been hearing here and there the answer is "yes"
21-Nov-2016 16:59:14 ·
pete566rer says;
i scored 52 going for anatomy (47), but am not yet admitted
21-Nov-2016 16:34:19 ·
Ayodeji9555; are u seeking to dis same institute?
21-Nov-2016 16:56:11 ·
pete566rer; also an indigene
21-Nov-2016 17:43:37 ·
austacool; bro check back tomorrow, u can't get access to d 3rd list now till 2moa
21-Nov-2016 19:28:10 ·
Golden knowledge says;
Congratulations to the admitted waiting for kogi state university popularly known as ksu)
21-Nov-2016 16:35:03 ·
Golden knowledge says;
If u know that u did not dress well during screening,u did not nessary combination in your jamb and your o;level,u need serious prayer even if u scored very high.
21-Nov-2016 16:38:53 ·
samblex0009; Golden what are you saying slef.. .
21-Nov-2016 16:51:25 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; golden knowledge u are the one that needs prayers, dressing had nothing to do with it at all, what are u saying??
21-Nov-2016 23:05:58 ·
Alicia solex says;
Alright, prophetess!
21-Nov-2016 16:57:57 ·
lee_i_don't says;
I got admitted by d.e. any one else?
21-Nov-2016 17:10:40 ·
Froshdude25; Wow congrats bro..what course and what was your point bro??
22-Nov-2016 07:08:37 ·
samtega says;
what's ur point
21-Nov-2016 17:20:48 ·
ifechukwude33 says;
i scored 61 going for pharmacy 60 but not admitted yet
21-Nov-2016 17:35:15 ·
Golden knowledge says;
U need serious prayer if there will be suplimentary list
21-Nov-2016 18:01:31 ·
roman crystal says;
since last life na now dem release third batch.....abeg who knows uniport payment of acceptance fees n reg has started
21-Nov-2016 18:39:31 ·
Lilspicer; ut has I hav paid 30k plus 1500 for processing
21-Nov-2016 18:42:20 ·
lee_i_don't says;
Samtega, 69
21-Nov-2016 18:48:59 ·
austacool says;
check back 2moa
21-Nov-2016 19:29:02 ·
sirdeejay; Why tmrw ?
21-Nov-2016 19:39:50 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; aahh oga sir deejay afar ur mata na
ade expect good news from you side oo
21-Nov-2016 23:07:04 ·
sirdeejay; Den no give me anytin ooo....delsu fall my hand after gettin 65
22-Nov-2016 15:50:21 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; no wahala shaa
better luck next time
25-Nov-2016 00:52:51 ·
bez005 says;
Pls, has anyone see his or her own???
21-Nov-2016 20:37:06 ·
dee vine says;
not been admitted. ..why is delsu like this sef...they'll not only delay u but still not give u admission after waiting for all their lists..
21-Nov-2016 21:00:34 ·
hmm not admitted
eiz dis list 3rd or 2nd?
21-Nov-2016 21:26:43 ·
BOOK OF JUNE; my brother it is the 12th infact
see the topic of the forum, u are still asking jamb question here
21-Nov-2016 23:08:23 ·

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