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DELSU 1st Batch Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 26-Jul-2016 [09:11:04] into Admission by Moses Justice for delsu | 758 Comments

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The management of Delta state University has released the 1st Batch of admitted candidates for 2016/2017 academic session.
Candidates are to follow the instructions below to check their admission status.


-Enter your JAMB reg Number in the space provided.

-Click on "Check" to access your admission status.

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See official list of courses offered in DELSU


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Comments (758)
vinestar says;
26-Jul-2016 09:19:29 ·
amicable amaka says;
Wow,that's a fast one.Delsu has released their first list oh and some schools are still battling with posting and not yet posted..Delay high five jare
26-Jul-2016 09:21:02 ·
26-Jul-2016 09:22:11 ·
26-Jul-2016 12:41:02 ·
LEQIT_LAURA; R u d school Admission officer?
30-Jul-2016 13:34:30 ·
Hopelina says;
Woah! dahts cool.
26-Jul-2016 09:24:49 ·
poelamar says;
Wake up Uniben!!
26-Jul-2016 09:26:06 ·
Okeke Gift; I tire oo
29-Jul-2016 15:04:08 ·
henryreo2 says;
das nice
26-Jul-2016 09:26:22 ·
Oluwa mide says;
delsu u surprise me o!!! congrat to d admitted ones.
26-Jul-2016 09:26:48 ·
Tune_Dhay; @oluwa mide, longest time guy. How tinz na.
26-Jul-2016 12:27:25 ·
Oluwa mide; Guy We Tnk God,watpoping guy?any lastest?
26-Jul-2016 13:22:38 ·
Oluwa mide; "latest"
26-Jul-2016 13:23:44 ·
Tune_Dhay; Yea, one of Unilorin staff who was interviewed this morning on Unilorin fm 89.3 said the screening exercise will be conducted in August. So first week of August, i believe the form should be out.
26-Jul-2016 20:58:58 ·
Oluwa mide; yap next week sha,waiting tinz nd were u posted by jamb?
27-Jul-2016 10:54:39 ·
Tune_Dhay; Nope, not yet posted is what i have been seeing.
27-Jul-2016 13:59:25 ·
Oluwa mide; kk guy. Hopes Flowing.
27-Jul-2016 22:18:17 ·
Oluwa mide; hoping dat our departmental cut off will b favourable.
27-Jul-2016 22:19:51 ·
Tune_Dhay; Amen o.
28-Jul-2016 10:04:30 ·
Oluwa mide; yap pray xo 2.
28-Jul-2016 10:19:46 ·
Tune_Dhay; Ok.
28-Jul-2016 10:22:04 ·
Oluwa mide; latter discussion den
28-Jul-2016 10:29:56 ·
Tune_Dhay; Alryt
28-Jul-2016 19:53:18 ·
Oluwa mide; @tunde,make dem answer us joor.last year dem don release na.any gist?
05-Aug-2016 07:40:49 ·
Tune_Dhay; Nope, nothing o. Lets wait till next week n see what will happen then.
05-Aug-2016 20:59:12 ·
Oluwa mide; kk.den thx.
05-Aug-2016 21:59:00 ·
Evergreencent says;
Delsu are pacesetters others other suit
26-Jul-2016 09:27:49 ·
Saintmichael says;
Hmm...dats so fast..Wat if jamb latter post some people there
26-Jul-2016 09:28:42 ·
Oluwa mide says;
Let d testimony begin to flow
26-Jul-2016 09:28:59 ·
vanzy; God has Don it o rep computer science ooo.watin 4 d second admission letter o 4rm predegree ooo.
26-Jul-2016 23:02:54 ·
Jamb and post utme success says;
I am not sure it is real.
26-Jul-2016 09:38:13 ·
pep45; Very real
26-Jul-2016 10:02:32 ·
elimuya says;
Thank God oo..have been so happy
26-Jul-2016 09:42:20 ·
chapman; course of study and score please. where you posted by jamb?
26-Jul-2016 10:13:40 ·
Miss Favor; Wow!!! Thank God for u ooo...... I receive the blessing
26-Jul-2016 19:01:09 ·
my scholar; wer u posted???
26-Jul-2016 21:31:48 ·
Agose says;
wat is merit list
26-Jul-2016 09:43:01 ·
Jamb and post utme success says;
They should have waited for when the ssce results for this year will come out.
26-Jul-2016 09:47:10 ·
arinze333; You no get talk for mouth, so the school should wait for those with awaiting results abi..? Before they can release the first batch huh!!!. Some people are funny.
26-Jul-2016 10:20:01 ·
Jamb and post utme success; Yes it is suppose to be the most ideal thing to do.Those who await their ssce results might be qualified as well to be in the merit list.
26-Jul-2016 12:20:07 ·
arinze333; Lol, don't you know, points are substrated if you use awaiting results...?
26-Jul-2016 15:17:42 ·
Onefeli; @arinnze... how sure are you the A list is out..? ooo or are you amongst those admitted?
31-Jul-2016 13:35:00 ·
dapsy Jeff says;
Unilag, Wetin do u na...........
26-Jul-2016 09:53:50 ·
cylovely says;
Uniben oooooo
26-Jul-2016 09:56:13 ·

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