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Replies (35)
thesamist says;
Is this for 2011 or 2012
30-Apr-2012 13:27:29 ·
Becky20050 says;
R ur eyes blind kant c is 4 dis yr
30-Apr-2012 13:39:22 ·
Shile4real; Pls learn to use good words in a website
02-Jul-2012 16:47:13 ·
Ubaru3; Na ur own bliñd o,u ñor dey c say na last yr own.
10-Aug-2012 10:36:34 ·
Whizdave says;
@becky no mind am,ebi lik sey em gt boil 4 eyez..llolz
30-Apr-2012 13:54:42 ·
Sir ijay says;
Lolz, u guys shud take it easy.Am d1 that pasted it b4 it ws screened..Itz 4diz yr.
30-Apr-2012 16:17:01 ·
Patmadu; Plz my pple wat's d cut off mark 4 public admin and pol science in educatn?
22-Oct-2012 06:51:43 ·
Seunolammy says;
Wish year is dis o?
30-Apr-2012 20:39:32 ·
gudkid; i wish its not
04-Jul-2012 14:49:38 ·
Obodo91raw says;
Pls wht is d cut-off mark 4 medical biochemistry
30-Apr-2012 20:46:44 ·
okpiavbe justice says;
tanx 4 i am uplifted right now cos i give me an opportunity to study harder 4 my course in other to score above d cut off marks .......grateful i am at dis hour.
30-Apr-2012 20:54:26 ·
Chifaith says;
Watz d cutof of medical biochemistry?
30-Apr-2012 21:27:54 ·
micoyankee says;
Please what is the cut off mark for computer science???
01-May-2012 02:14:01 ·
omopeace says;
U guyz shuld nt be deceive dat cutoff is 4 last yr.dis yr cutoff will come after d pume result is out.
01-May-2012 16:39:37 ·
frankfemez says;
@omopeace U ar right pal d cut-off mark wil com out wen pume result are out.
01-May-2012 22:11:24 ·
frankfemez says;
dis is hoax frnds don,t blive dis cut off mark normally coms out after pume result ar out.
01-May-2012 22:21:52 ·
Tayur4luv says;
Pls cut-off mark 4 nursing
02-May-2012 01:30:00 ·
Obodo91raw says;
10x guyz
02-May-2012 02:39:53 ·
eddia says;
wat is the cut off mark for geography and regional planning
06-May-2012 19:55:43 ·

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