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2 Professors, 12 Others Killed in BUK Bomb Blast

Posted: 29-Apr-2012 [14:24:06] into General by Myschool for buk | 28 Comments

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2 Professors have been confirmed dead as a result of the bomb blast that occured in the Catholic Church inside Bayero University Kano, BUK.

This information has been confirmed by The university’s Public Relation Officer, Malam Zaharadeen.

The killed professors are;
- Prof Ayodele of the Chemistry Department
- Prof Andrew Leo of the Library Department

It would be recalled that a bombed exploded this morning in St Stephen Catholic Chaplain, while gunmen fired at those who tried to flee from the blast see. Read more on this story here: Bomb Blasts in Bayero University Kano

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Comments (28)
masterice says;
na wa o!!!!!!
29-Apr-2012 14:39:49 ·
Godsluv8 says;
They should divide this country for christ sake,it's heardly for christian and muslim to live in peace in one country check sudan for example.we christians cant continue to mourn everyday in the hand of this devilish poeple.
29-Apr-2012 15:05:42 ·
Darlimor2005 says;
Nigeria is in a mess. God please come to our rescue.
29-Apr-2012 15:04:33 ·
Goodness yakubu says;
I dnt knw if their religion of peace is 2 cause war and mak pipo mourn, wel may God have mercy on our muslim brodas.
29-Apr-2012 15:32:54 ·
Johnsplendy says;
Let these foolish northerners take their time
29-Apr-2012 15:35:38 ·
victor nwike says;
29-Apr-2012 18:01:40 ·
Maryaam says;
May their soul rest in peace and Almighty Allah take care of there family.
29-Apr-2012 18:25:00 ·
Profsamuel says;
dis kind of tins is very scaring;dis wil discourage many student around dis northern part in going to sch.God remember ur word dat says in d buk of psalm118vs17 dat we will nt die bt live to declare ur gudnes.
29-Apr-2012 18:31:22 ·
Ockelvino says;
Well,the bible said that the wickedness of the wicked shall slain them.God is our only judge.
29-Apr-2012 19:06:25 ·
Olumight says;
Why dis time dat i changed my school of choice to bayero university...i'm nt happy abt dis..God help
29-Apr-2012 20:13:55 ·
Osakwe paul says;
i blame d fed. govt.
29-Apr-2012 20:24:18 ·
esquire89 says;
So they have entered our university, that means we are no longer save.God please help us fom this mess.
29-Apr-2012 20:52:38 ·
Rayhanabba says;
Hw r we sure dt is muslim dt set dis bomb y is it dt u guys dn't use u common brain given 2 u by God 2 tink hw many christians whr cut puting bomb in a church in jos y hv our government kept silent. Nd if u cld remember during kano bomb blast hw many muslims whr killed in january so u mean d muslims kill dy muslim brodas, nd also hw many muslim whr attack in jos by d christians yl praying in d mosque wt did d government do is a shameful tin 2 say bt dy is no more peace an unity in Nigeria. May God hv mercy upon us ol
29-Apr-2012 21:08:46 ·
Rayhanabba says;
@victor let mi remember u sumtin d religion of Allah will neva perish cox we still stand 4 PEACE dn't judge wt u dn't hv d knowledge of. Let d muslims nd d christian masses pt our hands 2geda nd pray 4 our dy nation is nt d tym 2 b supporting sides cox we d masses r d 1's being killed
29-Apr-2012 21:22:35 ·
Chimamkpa says;
What shal it profit them 2 gain the whole world and lose their soul
29-Apr-2012 22:21:18 ·

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