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Replies (12)
Saleem9970 says;
InshaAllah it wll b released 4rm nw 2 friday nd jamb admsn is real inshaAllah.
05-Apr-2012 07:28:29 ·
Herheeshar says;
I pray so o
05-Apr-2012 09:39:31 ·
Austino158 says;
my dear,we all 2 wait patiently it is only d registrar dat knw d date 4 d release,may b himself dnt knw 4 jamb admissn,it has bn lik dat 4 yrs,dis yr ppl got 2 knw of jamb admssn due 2 d delay wit buk nd dia site wahala,4 instance last yr all admitted students r also on jambsite bt dey dnt knw bcos dia was no delay lik dis yr...wel d delay 2 me is a chance 4 u 2 pray more if u hvn't...tnx
11-Apr-2012 22:52:32 ·
Rayhanabba says;
@Austino tnx 4 d piece of advice nd ol does dt answer ma question
12-Apr-2012 19:27:40 ·
Unyodibe says;
I hrd d list wil b owt 1st week of april, nd nw its getn 2 d 3rd week nd we stil avnt hrd anytin 4rm dem. Its nt fair nd its so frustrating.
13-Apr-2012 06:57:50 ·
Razaq tunde says;
D list if finaly out 2day nw on buk website and it has been pasted in each faculty at Bayero University Kano.
13-Apr-2012 16:04:18 ·
olaitan Ridwanullah says;
Rasaq u are right d list is already out.congrat to all admited students
13-Apr-2012 17:43:49 ·
umarlisa says;
u 2 r ryt d list ix finally out,bt wen r we gona collect admssn letta n d comencement ov d reg??
14-Apr-2012 00:25:26 ·
Rayhanabba says;
Alhamdulilah d patient dog hv finally eat d fatest bone i hv seen my name wish ol ma fellow aspirants d same
14-Apr-2012 00:43:57 ·
umarlisa says;
ameeen rayhan 10x 4 ur concern.
14-Apr-2012 09:56:26 ·
umarlisa says;
rayhan x ryt,ol ov u ppl hd fed up b4,tellin ur dffrnd myndz,bt nw u r on desame umbrella xprssn ur gratitude 2 olmyty Allah.wt we hv 2 take into consideration ix dt no bdy cn stp ur destiny it can only b delayed,n dox dt wr olrdy on d system de wr nt in haste n we aint in delay,evry1 haz hs own type ov desttiny,u hv 2 struggle,wrk hrd n b petient b4 u arirve @ d maximum point.i finally realised dt d patient dog eat d fatest born.
14-Apr-2012 10:16:39 ·
Austino158 says;
wel,most of us hv workd very hard 2 encourage each other, nw we cn rest....4 dos dat r yet 2 c dia own,surely dia wil b a supplementary,u jst need 2 pray harder cos dis oda list is 4 dos wit upper hand nd nt merit like dis one....gud luck
14-Apr-2012 15:56:59 ·

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