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Ask any question on admission concerning aceondo

Posted: 03-Jul-2013 [10:31:43] into General by Adewalle1 for aceondo 1662 views | 29 Replies

Hey aspirant of Adeyemi college of education how is everything? How was ur jamb? You are are wonderful if you can make it up to 150 and above, this year mass failure is no more genius so let get that off that and prepare for what the future will give, jamb will not decide our future... in jesus name! Hope u are preparing for your postutme? Last year some student complained, saying they lost their admission coz of lack of enough info. in their respective schools, but this year as God livet admission is yours. So get inform coz if u ar nt inform u will be deform and when u're deform you can never be transform.
Am a biology student of this great aceondo, and am ready to help any aspirant when it come to informations and questions so get wise and ask any question u wana know about this sku as an aspirant, I willl answering you one after the other, dont wait till it is too late, ask now
Am proud to be a BioSA!

Great aceondo student!
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Replies (29)
comfortable says;
pls what is adeyemi degree cutoff mark
12-May-2015 16:54:13 ·
Olazk says;
Inform me about d status of ace ondo has it been reversed or not...
16-Sep-2015 11:47:32 ·
Adewalle1; yea it has been reversed no more a uni, still her college
08-Oct-2015 12:07:48 ·
queenayinde says;
Pls wen will Adeyemi admission be release?
09-Oct-2015 18:21:54 ·
queenayinde says;
Pls wen will Adeyemi admission be release
09-Oct-2015 18:22:47 ·
Adewalle1; admission will be release soon b4 the ending of Oct or early nov
14-Oct-2015 08:27:39 ·
Ckid; and what will be the fate of us that we didn't choose them but we sat for the degree post utme. are we going to be given nce ni or what? message me on whatsapp bro. need to ask more 08136311416
16-Oct-2015 12:18:05 ·
Adewalle1; just depend on how high u score!!
03-Nov-2015 15:07:42 ·
queenayinde says;
PLEASE I HAD 188 in my utme nd 77 in putme any hop 4 chemistry?nd wen is d second batch cuming out?
25-Oct-2015 11:09:59 ·
queenayinde says;
pls is there still any list 4 Degree student?pls i need urgent answer pls
01-Nov-2015 07:12:18 ·
Adewalle1; adeyemi have released all d list, how was ur admission? contact me whatsapp 08188453883
03-Nov-2015 15:06:30 ·
Olazk says;
Dis school have not admt any of dose dat choose as other choice they only admit those choose dem as first choice and d.e candidate.
From a reliable source
To confirm check

Does dat mean no admission 4 us (10,000+ candidate).
Dis is not a college of education but a college of dupers
08-Nov-2015 00:17:08 ·
queenayinde says;
pls wen will aceondo release her supplementary admission?
06-Dec-2015 07:35:49 ·
felinikky says;
plzz tell us,is there no supplementary list for degree dis year?jxt to knw our fate
06-Dec-2015 07:57:54 ·
felinikky says;
another 5 list had been released including degree supplimentary list which u can check on their facebook site....good luck!
07-Dec-2015 16:59:31 ·
Olazk; Yes u ar rght,I have been admittd 2 study guidance and councelling a degree course and appld 4 busines edu it not compatible
pls advice me evry one includn admin
08-Dec-2015 17:39:20 ·
felinikky; if u like the course,u can go for it
08-Dec-2015 22:36:34 ·
Olazk; Thanks,I wil ask about t employment oportunity and benefit n future 4rm other aceondo student
09-Dec-2015 11:29:49 ·
felinikky; the course is good,infact i was praying dat if they did nt give me my course dat they should give me d 1 u were given....i have a sister dat studied d course who is now a counsellor in d university of ibadan
09-Dec-2015 11:47:33 ·
Olazk; Thanks am going 4 d registration 2day.
May God reward u fully
11-Dec-2015 08:42:31 ·
felinikky; ur number plz...nid to ask some questions concerning d registration from u
11-Dec-2015 11:39:33 ·
Adewalle1; i just hope u guys are enjoying ur reg! welcome to aluta d struggle continue :)
18-Dec-2015 04:37:04 ·
Olazk; hello arbicans e no easy oo, 08148514109 my number.
19-Jan-2016 11:26:28 ·
Toby8 says;
I did not choose the school but I have interest in it,and now I want to take the screening form pls hope I will be given the admission?
01-Sep-2016 19:05:29 ·
Adewalle1; It's always adeyemi culture that you can apply even without choosing them in jamb, but they admit few, i mean veryfew with high marks..! So in hence you can choose them but prepare v.hard! To even score above normal 'A'

gudluck! Toby8
08-Sep-2016 19:10:30 ·
unique z says;
pls can I apply for ongoing screening even when my local government identification is not ready
01-Dec-2016 18:05:32 ·
Adewalle1; if it's not ready, it will be advsble nt to apply it's part of credential for screenin
03-Dec-2016 12:56:50 ·
BukunOla mie says;
i cant wait to be a part of this qreat citadel of learninq... Pls when will aceondo screeninq form for 2017/2018 be out?
18-Jul-2017 21:45:29 ·
felinikky; Dont know yet... It will be communicated to you when it's out
12-Sep-2017 18:10:10 ·

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