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ABU Supplementary Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 16-Dec-2016 [08:57:21] into Admission by Emmadara93 for abu | 294 Comments

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The management of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU) has released the list of admitted candidates into the institution for the 2016/2017 academic session.

Candidates can confirm if they have been offered admission now on the school's portal.

How To Check Your Admission Status
-Enter your JAMB Registration Number and Name in the spaces provided.
-Click on "Search" to view your admission status.

Congratulations to the admitted ones!

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Comments (294)
samblex0009 says;
19-Nov-2016 17:47:18 ·
samblex0009; Make I just dey look esut
19-Nov-2016 17:47:56 ·
Tman02 says;
What a school
19-Nov-2016 17:50:34 ·
Vince Spence; What a school indeed! I'm glad I made it! #chemical Engineering.
19-Nov-2016 20:54:20 ·
Herblatall; total names released = 9,616
UTME =9,386
Direct Entry = 230
20-Nov-2016 21:18:13 ·
Timo936; av been given??? , that means there would still be another list
20-Nov-2016 22:49:39 ·
OPTIMISM2015; Plss help me check mine on ABU portal
23-Nov-2016 13:53:41 ·
OPTIMISM2015; Plss help me check mine on ABU portal 66302933ia
23-Nov-2016 13:53:58 ·
gibsonho; No records found
16-Dec-2016 10:59:09 ·
Timo936; almost done with my reg, Glory be to Almighty God
16-Dec-2016 19:08:30 ·
valdobis says;
19-Nov-2016 17:50:54 ·
ohimaid says;
FTC hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha
19-Nov-2016 17:51:06 ·
hemclef says;
sorry am I to put my full name in where am to write name
19-Nov-2016 18:04:04 ·
Cash_King03; Only ur name or only ur surname... Anyone will work
19-Nov-2016 19:44:18 ·
Timo936 says;
would there still b another list????
19-Nov-2016 18:11:50 ·
asdfgh says;
I thought dey wer going to eat d list nd not release it
19-Nov-2016 18:11:54 ·
Timo936 says;
av been admitted??
19-Nov-2016 18:16:47 ·
Smilez_Ak says;
No record found..
3 words that completely ruin my day. I hope i make it on the 2nd list
19-Nov-2016 18:21:19 ·
Babjosh; When is the second list gonna b out
19-Nov-2016 20:22:58 ·
Smilez_Ak; Dunno
20-Nov-2016 03:22:09 ·
PassionAlbert says;
Why bringing the list now ... Waiting for Uniuyo and aksu list #jah see me through
19-Nov-2016 18:29:24 ·
Danielsen; but I thought aksu only accepted first did u do it?.
20-Nov-2016 08:00:11 ·
PassionAlbert; Na supplementary na
20-Nov-2016 20:16:36 ·
captainkent says;
Is the Direct Entry admission list included please?
19-Nov-2016 18:49:02 ·
Shukroh 4; I don't think so, cos everything on the list is 100 level
19-Nov-2016 18:51:17 ·
Timo936; DE candidates were included , but unblievable me having 14points in my Ijmb still telling me no records found
19-Nov-2016 18:59:56 ·
captainkent; Thanks. Tried accessing the adm. checking portal, the response I got was "No Record Found." I don't know if it's a bug from the portal or it's because there is no admission for DE yet?
19-Nov-2016 19:04:14 ·
Fboyabdul; Guy the list included DE students, I've checked for almost 3 direct entry students
19-Nov-2016 19:07:47 ·
captainkent; Check for me please. 69014819ag
19-Nov-2016 19:24:43 ·
gibsonho; captainkent
No records found
16-Dec-2016 11:02:32 ·
Timo936 says;
hope there would still b another list???
19-Nov-2016 19:00:53 ·
20chairman says;
PLS for d option requesting for name pls is it just one name person go enter or surname midddle name and last name any1 pls???
19-Nov-2016 19:09:05 ·
Fboyabdul; You can check without writing any name,the is the most important. Best of luck
19-Nov-2016 19:18:21 ·
marcelo029 says;
am also confused because have been checking since and it's saying no record found. please when is the second list coming out
19-Nov-2016 19:13:40 ·
Fboyabdul; Just pray you should be among if there is really going to be the 2nd list.
19-Nov-2016 19:19:22 ·
daminovic; If you are having problem i am gonna urge to check your name through Jamb admission portal
19-Nov-2016 19:51:27 ·
BANKOLE2016; Pls help me to check mine: 66144418DE
22-Nov-2016 21:24:57 ·
gibsonho; bankole
No records found
16-Dec-2016 11:05:09 ·
20chairman says;
pls has any1 dat applied tru jamb seen his/her name
19-Nov-2016 19:19:50 ·
Shukroh 4; of cos
19-Nov-2016 19:22:57 ·

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