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ABU Admission Screening Registration 2016/2017 Announced

Posted: 05-Sep-2016 [09:17:16] into Post-UTME by Arssba for abu | 276 Comments

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This us to inform aspirants of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria that the registration for the 2016/2017 academic session has commenced.


i) Candidates who scored 180 and above in UTME for all courses.
ii) And must have chosen Ahmadu Bello University as their first choice.

Method Of Application

-Candidates are to visit for instructions and registration.

-Candidates will be required to make payment of N2,500 (Two thousand hundred five hundred Naira only) as screening fee.

-Payment should be made via Remita, using any acceptable debit card (Visa, Verve, MasterCard) or by printing the Remita Retrieval reference (RRR) slip and Proceeding to any commercial bank for payment.

-Candidates are to print their online screening slips carrying their passport - sized photographs as confirmation of completion of the process.

-NOTE: Only those who completed the online screening would be considered for admission. Candidates must keep photocopies of all submissions for their own records.

Application Deadline

Registration closes Saturday 17th September, 2016.

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Comments (276)
Iam_oluwasheun says;
05-Sep-2016 08:57:54 ·
Herblatall; ABU group chat!!
06-Sep-2016 08:37:13 ·
Vince Spence; Hello everyone, please I need an urgent answer on this.
I have been trying to get registered since yesterday but I experienced some issue.Quiet alright, I succeeded in paying and updating my information{addition of mobile number, email, place of residence and second course of choice] but after filling the place for schools attended and clicked add record, it'd load for some seconds and turned blank.Anyone who has experienced this should reply me how he/she got it resolved.
06-Sep-2016 13:21:56 ·
Vince Spence; Thanks for your time bro, just added u up on fb.
06-Sep-2016 15:14:32 ·
Vince Spence; I'm really fed up with this poo! how can a simple online registration be taking up to three good days? still experiencing same probs. Thought it was network, have to stay up this late to give it a try yet, no improvement.
07-Sep-2016 00:57:34 ·
HISWILL; Bro, aftr the generatin d remita. wud d banks give us pin, wud they charge 4 d service. am waiting 4 ur reply
08-Sep-2016 09:49:25 ·
Vince Spence; Just proceed to the bank with the generated Remita Retrieval Reference and make the payment. Once the payment is made, ur status would be updated as PAID. The bank would not give u any password, and some banks charges #200 for it.
08-Sep-2016 13:29:02 ·
OPTIMISM2015 says;
Does the screening require the physical appearance of the candidates?
05-Sep-2016 09:00:57 ·
deymolah; No, it is online screening
05-Sep-2016 09:07:40 ·
Colour; *******************************

*Attention """THIS IS A TRUE FACT"""

Hey guys... Those that did Their Online Screening during the first week of the screening should Login again, and refill, because there are two things that they add up again in the form, which are not there during the first week... (I also re-login and completed it in my screening).

The two things they add are at the last page before printing the slip... WHICH ARE:

(1) are you currently enrolled in any high institution? Yes or No

(2) A place to "TICK" to accept the terms and conditions..

If you have seen and done these things in your screening... Then you are okay... No need to re-login and do them...
But if you haven't saw those TWO things when you filled your screening... Then re-login an you would see it.

*Attention """THIS IS A TRUE FACT"""

23-Sep-2016 12:06:47 ·
naibzcom says;
05-Sep-2016 09:11:11 ·
A.Aliyu says;
05-Sep-2016 09:13:47 ·
Arssba; Eng, Govt, Econs, Islamic or Geography/History
05-Sep-2016 20:05:07 ·
Abudaddy says;
Seems like DE students are excluded to part into this screening exercise.
05-Sep-2016 09:15:51 ·
Arssba; yes they ar excluded....normally D.E its by randomize sampling and Grade obtain by students during his NCE/OND
05-Sep-2016 20:07:00 ·
Abudaddy says;
But seems like DE students are excluded to part into this screening exercise.
05-Sep-2016 09:17:18 ·
Musty8826 says;
Atlast Sha
05-Sep-2016 09:26:39 ·
Awoyam says;
is this not also a scam like that of futa.cos DE aspirants are excluded.
05-Sep-2016 09:29:33 ·
David199; Which kind scam
05-Sep-2016 10:16:13 ·
TheGenie; and you claimed to av brain ooo
05-Sep-2016 10:17:09 ·
05-Sep-2016 11:27:40 ·
Awoyam; If you don't get moral is good u find one.Respect people u don't see and I can not blame u cos u even call ur mother names at [email protected]
05-Sep-2016 12:09:16 ·
Awoyam; Respect people's opinions but if it is incorrect,correct it.shege @thegenie
05-Sep-2016 12:12:11 ·
naibzcom says;
Pls my scholers my opinion is dat dis tread na fake news because not in like dat In Abu Porta, pls don't rush for d registration.... Beware of frauds
05-Sep-2016 10:08:45 ·
TheGenie; guy read thread well....and visit abu screening portal before saying gibberish

u are affected by recession
05-Sep-2016 10:15:40 ·
Ayucable Ayubson; My broda iz n0t a scam owk. visit and see by urslf. i ve already penerate my RRR.
05-Sep-2016 10:19:36 ·
sunnyguru says;
am telling u,,
ABU is nt trying
05-Sep-2016 10:29:51 ·
Comrade Ogiri G O says;
@AWOYAM. I think excluding the DE aspirants does not make the news a scam. FUAM did thesame thing this year. Some of us that choose the school as our first choice are currently waiting for the school to release her DE form for the year.
05-Sep-2016 10:30:19 ·
sunnyguru; are u sure der will release DE application platform different??, well , we awaits
05-Sep-2016 10:33:13 ·
Awoyam; OK comrade,but u know well that every thing as changed ,I mean the admission procedures this year
05-Sep-2016 12:18:57 ·
Comrade Ogiri G O; @Sunday & Awoyam. In the past other schools do. But i really don't understand the tradition of ABU. Last year, i applied & i so much admired ABU to the point that i foolishly made her my both choices. Unfortunately after UTME admission was released we the DE waited till this moment no news at all. Could it be that i did not meet the requirements even when i had more than 12points in my NCE & O'LEVEL C6 as the list grade? Infact recalling that again at the moment makes me feel more angry. I pray, since it is the era of change, ABU and other sister institutions change in a positive ways where a common man like us can have a sense of belonging.
07-Sep-2016 10:44:48 ·
sunnyguru; so disheartening,,
I pray they don't fall my hand cus I so much admire the school,, and well qualified. God will fight for our cause.
07-Sep-2016 21:36:26 ·
sunnyguru; @comrade, plx did u travel to ABU Senate building to submit ur credentials last year??
07-Sep-2016 21:37:46 ·
sunnyguru; plx advice me,, how do I go concerning this admission ,. ABU DE .
do I need to visit the school?
was a portal created differently fr DE applicant to apply online like the utme??
is result transcript required to be sent to the school before admission??

pls reply me,, I really need ur help!
07-Sep-2016 21:52:35 ·
Comrade Ogiri G O; @Sunday. As at last year, no portal was created for DE aspirants. Even submission of credentials to the school senate, to me i see it as an act of punishment, haven registered online during the initial jamb DE reg. One would still be stressed again to travel to the school only for the mere submission of the credentials, even though is already in their school site. FUTMINNA for instance, notified all her DE aspirants this year to come for screening which would be strictly, computer base test. At least this one is ok. Any one that fails the test, does not need a prophet to tell him or her why admission would not be offered.
08-Sep-2016 14:14:15 ·
Awoyam; @sunday,My advice for u is that u should find someone who entered that school with DE to put you through. Cos time is not our friend,and you need to be enlightened. Or go to their website and secure their admission contact phone number for u to talk to the school directly.I think with that u will not have any reason to be asking questions from anyone
08-Sep-2016 19:51:53 ·
sunnyguru says;
what becomes of DE applicants as there are excluded for the exercise??
05-Sep-2016 10:30:56 ·
amicable amaka says;
05-Sep-2016 10:38:10 ·
Arssba; amaka long tym.....hope u have generated ur RRR
05-Sep-2016 20:10:30 ·
fabgrachi says;
D.E aspirants av to submit their credentials in d sch
05-Sep-2016 11:00:36 ·
Arssba; yez at senate building room 115 first flow.... two copies of each ur documents.
05-Sep-2016 20:11:47 ·
Vince Spence says;
Wow!At long last, heading straight to the cafe. Good luck to my fellow aspirants.
05-Sep-2016 11:02:25 ·

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