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Replies (17)
Alabbas says;
16-Aug-2012 17:02:31 ·
Alabbas; Bt dis s nt on d websyt, were dd u get d sos?
16-Aug-2012 18:04:32 ·
Ojimah Gabriel says;
Y u go d post wetin u no sure of?abeg let dis sit b d place 2 get infrmatn nt 2 deceive.
17-Aug-2012 18:38:35 ·
Ajibxon says;
Dis informatn na rubish,u beta watch ur mouth b4 u post anythn.
18-Aug-2012 08:47:28 ·
ayetbabes says;
Ar u telin us dat, cut off mark of al department is 50 or wht
20-Aug-2012 08:59:26 ·
Shimasparkle says;
All department have their specific cut-off marks nd its as follows:sciences-170,social sciences-180,administration-180,Arts-190,dis is d ryt cut-off mark i am sure of it,unles Abu changes it later on.
20-Aug-2012 14:26:24 ·
Jany; Babe pls I don't knw my faith o I scored 213 in postjamb
20-Aug-2012 18:25:00 ·
ayetbabes says;
My average is 220 nd i wnt 2 study geology, wht is my chance of gainin admisn, am 4rm kwara state nd i hv my olevel result complete
21-Aug-2012 19:07:04 ·
Bendtner1; Ur chances re bright my dear.
10-Sep-2012 17:17:03 ·
stevemartsworld; hmm,guex we ar in 4 d same average is 222
27-Sep-2012 08:21:40 ·
Bendtner1 says;
ABU Aspirants shuld add me on 2go wit d username Bendtner01
10-Sep-2012 17:14:33 ·
ayetbabes says;
Wht ur state of origin, my couse mate, add me on 2go olayinka219
13-Oct-2012 09:32:44 ·
ndiboy53 says;
Where did u get ur own information 4rm?
22-Oct-2012 11:23:38 ·
queenopzy says;
pls,stop this wrong information!!! i belived this site is designed for us to get good and better info. i wnda what u gain in lieing. pls when will the admission list be out
01-Nov-2012 09:15:29 ·
Yakubu says;
A.B.U 2012/2013 is not yet released. Pls be more patient.
14-Nov-2012 17:25:12 ·
Rashbat D Gill says;
Dats a lie
18-Nov-2012 14:52:17 ·
Rashbat D Gill says;
Where did u get ur own information frm?
18-Nov-2012 14:54:19 ·

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