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[Graphic Photos] ABSU Cultists Behead 2 Students On Campus

Written By: Amos Onyia on 14-Mar-2016 [11:05:36] 3657 views

Photo 1
The Abia state University community was hot all through the night and today as cult clashes has seen two people dead.

Photo 2
A cult group known as "Atabo" beheaded two guys from a rival group known as the "Mafians" in revenge for killing their Number One Man.

Photo 3
As they buried their Number One Man yesterday,they went into operation of revenge using a lady to gain access to the room of the two boys and shot they struggled to survive,the rival cult decided to cut them into pieces.

Photo 4
After the beheading,they displayed their bodies and heads at the school environment.

Photo 5
One of the two boys was to celebrate his birthday today and the other is the only son of his parents

Photo 6
Since then the environment has been cold and everyone has been moving around with caution.

Photo 7

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Amos Onyia - Myschool Amos
A Student - 300 Level of Imo State Polytechnic

About Me: Just Looking To Change The World With Technology. Just Not Terminator Style. He is currently interested in Friendship.

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Comments (10)
Tadek01 says;
chai, theirs is God oh
15-Mar-2016 12:04:39 ·
Happylove says;
may deir soul rest in peace
15-Mar-2016 13:11:55 ·
Blessing I.J says;
May dia souls rest in perfct peace
15-Mar-2016 14:20:22 ·
Drdan1 says;
people desist from cultism it does no one any good, those who are in Church and still in cult do yourself a favour by coming out before the devil makes ur skull to roll into hell, he that has an ear let him hear except your ear is a dummy
15-Mar-2016 22:25:04 ·
randy rejoice says;
hmmmmm rip buggy
16-Mar-2016 09:31:38 ·
randy rejoice says;
hmmmmm rip biggy
16-Mar-2016 09:32:41 ·
Wyzee says;
Abeg wetin be the scores
20-Mar-2016 08:16:16 ·
faithimaikop says;
They lost their lives for nothing, I only pity the parents who spent their money sending them to school and at the end the gain nothing. I believed will be a lesson to all of us. will their soul ever rest in peace?
01-Jun-2016 14:08:05 ·
Wilyclergy says;
what a tragedy... SHUN CULTISM
21-Sep-2016 12:08:38 ·
icochris says;
christ is stil the only way pls pals accept him now i beg u
16-Jan-2017 08:21:16 ·

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