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AAUA Post-UTME/DE 2017: Eligibility, Cut-off Mark And Registration Details

Posted: 28-Aug-2017 [10:31:35] into Post-UTME by for aaua | 110 Comments

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This is to inform all UTME and Direct Entry candidates who applied for admission to Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, for the 2017/2018 academic session that the Post UTME Test will be conducted between 18th and 30th September, 2017 at the University’s CBT Centre.

Candidates eligible for the test are:

Those who made or are willing to make Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, their choice of University in the 2017/2018 UTME and scored 180 and above; and
Direct Entry candidates who chose or are willing to make AAUA their first choice of University.

NOTE: Candidates, who did not make Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, their choice of University initially but are now willing to choose AAUA will have to make the necessary change of Institution to AAUA not later than 18th September, 2017.

All eligible candidates are to visit the University website to register for the test as from 28th August, 2017 after the payment of N2, 000.00 assessment fee, and N3, 500.00 administrative, handling, and bank charges at any branch of the banks listed below via etranzact/interswitch/Bankit:

First Bank
Heritage Bank
Keystone Bank
Wema Bank
Skye Bank
Access Bank
Zenith Bank
Eco Bank
Stanbic IBT

Candidates are requested to collect bank-generated receipts at the point of payment, which will contain receipt number and confirmation code (PAY OUTLET ONLY) for the on-line registration.

On-line Registration Guidelines

i. Candidates should log on to the University portal and click on 2017/2018 POST UTME TEST

ii. Candidates are to Create Account and Login with VALID JAMB REGISTRATION NUMBER.

iii. Candidates are to click on a. MAKE APPLICATION FORM PAYMENT for BANKIT payment; or b. CONFIRM PAYMENT for PAY OUTLET (Payment must have been made to Cashier at any of the listed banks)

iv. For (iii) (b), Candidates are to obtain a print-out containing the confirmation order number from the Bank upon payment of the fees.

v. After successful payment, candidates are to complete Biodata Form online and print out Post UTME Test Slip.

IMPORTANT: Subscribe for Post-UTME SMS Alerts and Free Past Past Questions for your school of choice. This will notify you the moment your school of choice announces its Post-UTME registration and screening wherever you are via a text message. It will equally send you SMS updates when your school of choice releases Post-UTME screening result, admission lists, announces resumption date etc. To subscribe for this alerts, Click here now!

General Instructions to all Candidates

i. Candidates are advised to correctly upload their O’ Level results and current passport photographs on the portal. A maximum of two (2) sittings is allowed in the case of O’ Level requirements.

ii. AAUA accepts WAEC, NECO and NABTEB O’ Level results.

iii. It is compulsory for all candidates to participate in the Post UTME Test to be considered for admission.

M. S. Ayeerun

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Comments (110)
Iceriino says;
28-Aug-2017 09:21:48 ·
Oluwa mide; Can second choice ppl apply?,reply asap. thanks.
28-Aug-2017 20:26:07 ·
abijfa; No o
31-Aug-2017 16:15:22 ·
rocksteady says;
28-Aug-2017 09:26:07 ·
rocksteady; It really hurts to see other schools selling post utme form while mine have not started yet
28-Aug-2017 11:39:22 ·
Are those who choose them as second choice also eligible to apply?
28-Aug-2017 09:36:51 ·
CornelG; Do you need an eye glass before you can clearly see where it is boldly and clearly written that only first choice candidates are eligible
28-Aug-2017 09:55:27 ·
Latinwogbolahan; You can apply.
28-Aug-2017 10:08:10 ·
Eazboi; @cornelG i tink itz u dat need the post very well b4 criticizing pple.....only D.E applicant were mandated 2 make them 1st choice
28-Aug-2017 10:08:26 ·
Latinwogbolahan; Help me tell him oo... Even those that didn't choose AAUA are eligible to apply.
28-Aug-2017 10:11:40 ·
Levinia; will ur head fall off if u ans him nicely? wonda how sum pple behave.
28-Aug-2017 10:21:28 ·
mallan yaks; God y dnt u guys read and read tru simple common word @eazboi. CornelG can even c more than u @eazboi cnt u c they said NOTE: Candidates, who did not make Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, their choice. So is utme and D.E not but candidate. so for how d words goes no second choice will b consider either utme or d.e
28-Aug-2017 10:57:26 ·
Eazboi; @mallan yaks i dnt no y udstin simple sentence z a prob.....wel nxt tym b4 u comment,read and udst....bcos ur udstin faculty z very low.....
28-Aug-2017 11:11:46 ·
Bernice001; Common sense some people did not have.was it stated in the information disseminated above that only people that chose them as first Choice is the only one qualified to obtain the form.simple English "those who made the school as choice of university"
28-Aug-2017 21:14:21 ·
promiseisaac; u see waitin u dey type " common sense some people did not have" I Pity U.
29-Aug-2017 10:57:30 ·
mallan yaks; For ur mind @eazboi
30-Aug-2017 13:40:53 ·
30-Aug-2017 13:42:48 ·
30-Aug-2017 13:43:00 ·
Eazboi says;
Finally......the Lord z our success z ours IJN
28-Aug-2017 09:38:15 ·
Kingshegz says;
Post utme @last...hmmm
28-Aug-2017 09:56:20 ·
chimax123 says;
hello friends,how can i get the POST-UTME past question for AAUA!
28-Aug-2017 10:38:44 ·
abijfa; Download it from the official website after registration
31-Aug-2017 16:16:46 ·
chimax123; How do i download them official website and it cost
01-Sep-2017 14:58:27 ·
kolabell says;
can the candidate who chose the school as second choice apply?
Because it was stated in the advert that those who made the school as choice of university.....
28-Aug-2017 10:51:29 ·
mallan yaks; Don't even try it if u did not select them as 1choice
28-Aug-2017 11:02:04 ·
Motowon Kelvin; Yes man u can apply @mallan u u dey lie now ahaah u in read the info well pls go and reread the info before u spread false news
29-Aug-2017 08:23:34 ·
Eazboi; Dont mind dat mallam or mallan,let im b confusin pple
29-Aug-2017 09:36:44 ·
mallan yaks; Hmm no my hand inside
30-Aug-2017 13:34:43 ·
Louis Armstrong says;
Are they going to write post Utme exams?
28-Aug-2017 10:51:44 ·
ROXIL6; yes
28-Aug-2017 13:10:52 ·
JossyAkins says;
Futa answer us asap
28-Aug-2017 11:34:10 ·
gigayemi. says;
I chose Aaua as my first choice,and I scored 147 in utme exam.So now as jamb has released new cutoff marks for dz year 2017/2018 admission.
so my question is,I mine qualify to obtain the post utme form?plz myschool urgent help.
28-Aug-2017 13:31:43 ·
ROXIL6; yes yes yes yes yes if you correct your English
28-Aug-2017 17:21:40 ·
gigayemi.; wot do u mean?
28-Aug-2017 19:31:27 ·
Gee Gee; First of all, it's Am I qualified to blah blah blah and not I mine qualify.

Well, with 147 your chances are really slim. Those with 300 and above, 250 and above, 200 and above, 180 and above, 160 and above, 150 and above would be considered before you.
29-Aug-2017 08:03:12 ·
grabb; I thought the cut-off written there is 180? Seems people are just commenting
29-Aug-2017 08:13:38 ·
zyzywizzy; yeah!!its 180
31-Aug-2017 18:52:00 ·
teslim201 says;
Who don create account ooo....

Cos I tried accessing it from my success🤷‍♂
28-Aug-2017 13:37:24 ·
Ambali Mustapha says;
myschoolpaul ...i sent thispost as frontpage for myschool but my name wasn't included as the author ..... feeling bad #ftc
joking... jollofutijinnnaaaaaaaaaa!!!
28-Aug-2017 15:15:39 ·
habundanz; man to man: the thing pain u
29-Aug-2017 01:26:02 ·
edreesalomah says;
xo we will travel now to d exam
28-Aug-2017 16:11:48 ·
Gee Gee; No!
You'll write the exam in your house.
29-Aug-2017 08:05:58 ·
Motowon Kelvin; Gee stop this now .salomah is just asking to kwn ok .salomah according to the info it's clearly stated that the exam will be conducted at the school cbt center hall .
29-Aug-2017 08:28:37 ·
Gee Gee; Lol
29-Aug-2017 08:51:29 ·
edreesalomah; tanks @kelvin, lol @gee
29-Aug-2017 23:11:07 ·
phemmzey says;
genius people should answer me please,,,can they consider someone with 171 in the post utme?.
28-Aug-2017 17:16:19 ·
habundanz; nop man
29-Aug-2017 01:26:42 ·
Gee Gee; Why do you need a genius to answer such a question ?
Even a f**l would answer it correctly.

Why would you even score 171 in Post Utme, not even Jamb ?
You haven't even written Post Utme and you're already visualizing your failure. Omo yi gan.
29-Aug-2017 08:12:13 ·
Ndukapaul6551; Yes abbatoir engineer.
My village native doctor needs assistant you can also apply.
Contact me for more info.
29-Aug-2017 08:36:12 ·
phemmzey; sorry was jamb I wanted to say not post utme
09-Sep-2017 20:31:53 ·
phemmzey; don't be offended
09-Sep-2017 20:32:09 ·
Gee Gee; Phemmzey, what course and school did you apply for ?
09-Sep-2017 23:04:22 ·
immaculate0007 says;
hello my pple, i dnt understand d amount to be paid clearly o, cux i heard 4rm a 5rn in aaua dat amount u pay 4 degree is 2,000 while dat of D.E is 3 smtin. Any clear explanation on this?
28-Aug-2017 18:19:26 ·
Gee Gee; Read the post correctly and get an answer to your question, debunk what your friend said, you have this information already At your fingertips.
29-Aug-2017 08:14:24 ·
immaculate0007; u think xo, av u seen sum1 dat av concluded d form.
29-Aug-2017 10:26:19 ·
swordsaint; bro is #5,500 ooh not 2k
01-Sep-2017 15:17:41 ·

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