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Replies (37)
jerry.francis says;
Where did u hear dat 1 guy give d link
30-Apr-2012 08:28:43 ·
Mark Ude says;
Guy i hope se ds one no b falacy? Gv us proof.
30-Apr-2012 08:37:48 ·
Big Harbey; Se Na True
20-May-2017 05:49:30 ·
Chi luv says;
Which site did u get dat information pls?
30-Apr-2012 08:43:53 ·
mickey4eva says;
r u serious?
30-Apr-2012 09:01:10 ·
Rawphy says;
Pls is dis goin 2 be sure
30-Apr-2012 09:06:26 ·
ufuoli4love247 says;
Pls tink twice b4 u say. Where jamb 4 talk dat 1 or site. Pls give d link in order 4 us 2 confirm it.
30-Apr-2012 09:09:27 ·
adex94 says;
Pls b serious o!
30-Apr-2012 09:41:09 ·
nemero says;
its unbelievable unless u give out the link for confirmation...
30-Apr-2012 09:43:28 ·
Denizsmart says;
O'boi go deceive ur pple 4 village wit dat rubbish, u hear?
30-Apr-2012 09:45:01 ·
sandammy says;
Which kind lie be dis ! I beg give d link
30-Apr-2012 10:31:08 ·
amicable1992 says;
you pple are just westin una time to answer this mumu anything at all una don this kind thing b/4? they release result for long and they never upgrade na 2day they want do am abi.
30-Apr-2012 10:29:34 ·
blive06 says;
i also heard dat. on dz site.
30-Apr-2012 10:40:33 ·
Klever40 says;
4rm wich source plz tel us, abi na 4 dream.
30-Apr-2012 11:58:19 ·
emaquel8 says;
Abeg,this guy brain dey shake. E be like say im result too poor,and im wan use dis one cönvince im parents.
30-Apr-2012 12:22:35 ·
Marycool says;
I was just passin sha!
30-Apr-2012 12:23:55 ·

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