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AAU Departmental Admission Cut-off Marks 2017/2018

Posted: 12-Oct-2017 [20:40:47] into Admission by myschool paul for aau | 47 Comments

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The University Management has approved the Cut-off Marks for the 2017/2018 admission exercise of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (AAU) as shown below;

Animal Science ....... 40
Crop Science....... 40
Agric Econs/Extension... 40
Soul Science..... 40

English...... 40
History/ISD.... 40
Modern Languages..... 40
Philosophy.... 40
Religious Studies.... 40
Cultural Management and Cultural Mgt... 40
Theatre and Media Arts... 40

Medical Lab. Science.... 55
Physiology..... 40
Nursing..... 60
Anatomy..... 40
Medicine and Surgery.... 80

Curriculum and Instruction.... 40
Educational Foundation Management... 40
Guidance and Counseling..... 40
Physical and Health Education.... 40
Voc And Tech. Education.... 40
Library and Information Science.... 40

Civil Engineering.... 45
Elect/Elect Engineering..... 45
Mechanical Engineering.... 45
Industrial and Production Engineering.... 40

Architecture.... 40
Building... 40
Fine and Applied Art.... 40
Geo. Environmental Management..... 40

LAW:.... 70

Accounting.... 55
Banking and Finance.... 40
Business Administration..... 55
Public Administration.... 40

Biochemistry..... 40
Botany... 40
Microbiology.... 50
Zoology.... 40

Mathematics..... 40
Indu. Mathematics ... 40
Statistics.... 40
Physics.... 40
Geophysics... 40
Chemistry.... 40
Industrial Chemistry.... 40
Computer Science... 50


Economics... 40
Political Sciences... 45
Sociology..... 45
Psychology.... 40

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Comments (47)
PabloEmmanuel1 says;
12-Oct-2017 20:41:13 ·
Mide Hills says;
12-Oct-2017 20:46:13 ·
Nester says;
12-Oct-2017 20:51:40 ·
Emzyme says;
Engineering 45
How do they calc it
12-Oct-2017 20:56:47 ·
starry295 says;
Nawa o engineering 45 and i got 77
12-Oct-2017 21:11:48 ·
Bajoagbo; Is ur 77 final (jamb score n putme score) aggregate score or just putme only?
13-Oct-2017 07:07:49 ·
PabloEmmanuel1; HW WAS UR 77 CALCULATED
13-Oct-2017 11:33:02 ·
Ezekiel_prince says;
so because you got 77 are you the only one that passed?

many are called few are choosen. Just be thankful you passed ok. because i know that your score is high due to your jamb score that is high too.
12-Oct-2017 21:25:34 ·
Drdot07; Was it screening they did or exam
12-Oct-2017 21:29:03 ·
Uche Sir.Famous; Bad belle, did he said that he was the only 1 that passed f**l
13-Oct-2017 07:51:02 ·
Ezekiel_prince; uche you are the biggest foolish f**l in planet Earth as far as i am concerned. And is that bad belle that will kill you till you die b*****d. Which one is bad belle. The guy said he got 77. so what did i say wrong. You are just a confused unintelligent-person. people like you failed and dont have boldness to say your because you failed. Useless entity.
15-Oct-2017 12:59:55 ·
Breaker says;
na wa law is too high
12-Oct-2017 21:27:34 ·
Ezekiel_prince; lol. high? bros is not high is not for dull people ok. is for those that have read and are looking for new things to read. Uniben too is 70. And me and you know that AAU is still the best law school in Nigeria. no school can beat them to that.

And is the rate at which people passed this year thslats why the cut off for law and medicine is high. they need limited students in the departments respectively.
12-Oct-2017 21:31:55 ·
Uche Sir.Famous; Say what u know
13-Oct-2017 07:52:46 ·
Ezekiel_prince; You are an empty barrel and i know for sure i know more than you. If you know anything in that your coconut brain make a comment again and you are a f**l for ever. I talk from experience and i know for sure where my legs have entered in AAU you have not seen it let alone think to enter.
Just go and bleep your misrable life and self up. Ode
15-Oct-2017 13:03:11 ·
basket2 says;
I got 77 going for nursing...cut off 60...God Na u go come conclude o
12-Oct-2017 21:30:41 ·
Ezekiel_prince says;
Well am going for pol science45 total score 68. God just put me on first batch and leave the rest for me.

Hoping for the best for everyone here.
12-Oct-2017 21:37:16 ·
YunglizZ; so u scored 68 and yhu have been here saying rubbish taught u had 100points rubbish
13-Oct-2017 09:45:18 ·
Ezekiel_prince; See this unintelligent-person that is talking. yes i scored 68 and i passed my cut off by 23. What did you get? i know for sure you did not pass thats why people like you dont comment you just grudge over peoples success. post yours and lets others be multivated by your scores.
If you are proud of your score share it let myschool fans here see it. Better watch before you talk to anybody and place your self where you belong. Rubbish unintelligent-person. God knows if you got up to your cut off self. Devil.
15-Oct-2017 13:13:00 ·
15-Oct-2017 21:44:16 ·
Greaterheightdoncom; @Ezekiel, that you got above the cutoff doesn't mean you've been admitted. Just pray for sure admision! even some of you that surpass the the cutoff shouldn't be surprised when you're been denied admision because this is Nigeria for you!
15-Oct-2017 21:57:02 ·
Ezekiel_prince; oga keep shut my case is different you are not an admin that admits students ok. I know for sure i will be admitted just watch and see. first batch things!!!
16-Oct-2017 06:12:26 ·
Greaterheightdoncom; Admision officer I dey hail o
16-Oct-2017 07:29:48 ·
Ecstatics says;
Yeh! Medicine 80! ThankGod i didn't choose AAU. someone with 79 will be like 'my admission is sure' mtchew.
12-Oct-2017 22:12:17 ·
Breaker says;
i got 73 law my chances pls
12-Oct-2017 23:23:17 ·
bilaudaud; trying to show or what, didn't u see the cut-off mark of law tag 70. what is "my chance again"
13-Oct-2017 07:52:04 ·
MSparks005; Are you an aspirant of fuoye?
13-Oct-2017 22:38:47 ·
bilaudaud; yes @Msparks
16-Oct-2017 11:26:06 ·
Kingfestty says;
See cut off marks.... I pray unilag cut off marks will look like this ooo..

Apart from Medicine and Surgery..+ law.. I think others are cool
13-Oct-2017 01:50:09 ·
Bajoagbo; for cutoff marks to be this low that means more candidates scored below 50%
13-Oct-2017 07:11:15 ·
BlaQBishop says;
The cut-off mark make sense, make UNIBEN release their own departmental cut-off mark.
13-Oct-2017 05:38:40 ·
chimemeria says;
patiently awaiting UNN departmental cut off mark for 2017/18 admissions
13-Oct-2017 07:45:42 ·
DarlingtonUc says;
Guy...why gibberish post here naah...
13-Oct-2017 08:46:37 ·

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