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AAU Merit Admission List 2016/2017 Released

Posted: 20-Dec-2016 [10:10:12] into Admission by Berriz for aau | 249 Comments

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The management of Ambrose Alli University (AAU) has released the 1st list of candidates admitted into the institution for the 2016/2017 academic year.

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-Click on "Login" and proceed to view your admission status.

Congratulations to the admitted ones!

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Comments (249)
Christowiz says;
24-Oct-2016 08:39:43 ·
dickson debbie says;
24-Oct-2016 08:42:46 ·
dora_osazuwa; Debbie is like u very current with all the happenings my name came out but they said we can't start the clearance now
26-Oct-2016 19:12:30 ·
dickson debbie; oh...why can't u start clearance immediately? and watz ur course n screening score?
27-Oct-2016 05:31:03 ·
dora_osazuwa; i got admission csc but wen i went to zenith bank to pay no procedure yet no acct no and they said i will have to do it online that i should wait for aau to bring out the guidelines online
27-Oct-2016 13:18:56 ·
dickson debbie; ohk den...jst be patient
27-Oct-2016 14:12:39 ·
Smogiana; Pls debby can you help me check mine 65966729IG
31-Oct-2016 20:40:51 ·
01-Nov-2016 00:30:28 ·
dora_osazuwa; debbie at last quick come pay ur acceptance fee and do clearance
10-Nov-2016 09:38:09 ·
dickson debbie; lol...i sure will...I'm done wif online clearance tho
14-Nov-2016 00:21:23 ·
Rizzy Kinky says;
wow congrats guys
24-Oct-2016 08:45:15 ·
Ekeso says;
24-Oct-2016 08:55:51 ·
Tijwakh says;
ABU another week begins
24-Oct-2016 08:56:42 ·
lizzybella; I wonder when they'll release d list ooo...but m positive it'll b out in no time tho
24-Oct-2016 09:33:53 ·
owseey says;
24-Oct-2016 09:11:19 ·
dickson debbie; yea...same as mine...all we need do is wait...according to 'em,d names are still being uploaded... alphabetically.... who knows💁
24-Oct-2016 09:15:37 ·
dickson debbie; but my plight seems to be...d alphabetical poo...dunno if itz true...coz d screenshot above's got EDEBIRI...n mines jst EB for a still remains optimistic
24-Oct-2016 09:19:26 ·
owseey; but..... if someone is not given admission... will the person know aslo???
am am a novice and my firstime.....dats y am asking plss
24-Oct-2016 19:20:03 ·
dickson debbie; ohk dearie...sure u'll know...all u need do is login to ur kofa acct
24-Oct-2016 21:04:41 ·
dickson debbie; using ur username or reg number and ur surname for dis link

or usin ur username n password for dis link
24-Oct-2016 21:07:47 ·
dickson debbie; whc Eva link u use got diff pattern of *admission status*

for d first link...if U've been offered admission... u're gonna see *you've being offered provisional admission into the 2016/2017 academic bla bla if're gonna see *admission status pending.check back later*

then as for d second link(pretty simple)
all u do is login
If given admission it's gonna show: ADMITTED
if not
it's gonna show:SUBMITTED

jst like cool😘
24-Oct-2016 21:18:58 ·
owseey; kk no p thanks..... will just have to wait
24-Oct-2016 22:52:50 ·
Keemie says;
I checked mine and its like i've been admitted.. i got the above pictured msg and was even asked to go for clearance
24-Oct-2016 09:24:09 ·
dora_osazuwa; keemie same with me csc u don start clearance cos nobody is saying anything wen i went to aau zenith bank people dey look me.....
27-Oct-2016 22:09:54 ·
Keemie; Yah started my clearance already , accepted feeis 63k bt havnt done yet, dunno hw. inbox me your number lets talk
29-Oct-2016 16:12:29 ·
joyce22 says;
Admission at last!
its been God..
24-Oct-2016 09:27:29 ·
Keemie; Did u also get the aboved pic msg when u checked?
24-Oct-2016 09:32:29 ·
sailor; I tap in the grace,I'll be admitted too #uniabuja
24-Oct-2016 10:04:16 ·
promizbob; J.tnk God for u oh
24-Oct-2016 14:41:59 ·
peter okaka says;
Plz state ur score and d cutoff tu ur corse....let's see if it's d merit list or not
24-Oct-2016 09:31:08 ·
dickson debbie; Datz d problem...I thought merit list was for dose who were given dia initial course whc dey applied as concerning dis AAU no come understand again oh...coz all wat my friends re getting re wat dey didn't option for....zoology evrywhr
24-Oct-2016 10:06:13 ·
peter okaka; yea...cus merit list at supposed tu b for does dah passed d cutoff!
24-Oct-2016 11:24:42 ·
abubakar06 says;
cngrt to admitted once
24-Oct-2016 10:04:05 ·
congratulations to u all.. rep eksu
24-Oct-2016 10:04:35 ·
Jaybanks says;
Congrats to the Admitted Candidates...WE will all TESTIFY
24-Oct-2016 10:05:54 ·
Vickkie781; Madam debbie did use awaiting result?
06-Nov-2016 20:54:31 ·
onyebuchi65 says;
what was ur screening score and course @dickson debbie
24-Oct-2016 10:06:03 ·
dickson debbie; screening score:51

course: accounting
24-Oct-2016 10:07:10 ·
onyebuchi65; i don't really understand dis people oooo ,,, which course are thy admitting nw??? And who are the merit list is not does that pass the cut of mark...
24-Oct-2016 10:36:32 ·
dickson debbie; no....itz actually nt dose dat passed d cutoff mark...
24-Oct-2016 10:42:33 ·
dickson debbie; for us dat did pass d cutoff mark...I dunno wat dia still waiting for
24-Oct-2016 10:43:56 ·
Keemie; Merit list is still same as first batch....
so its definitely for those that surpased the cut off mark...
it'll surely get to u dun worry...
besides, i got 61 .
24-Oct-2016 14:12:10 ·
dickson debbie; you sure don't get me honey!

it be dat merit list's for those who passed d given cutoff mark...we all know that...

bt frankly speaking! most of my hommies WHR given oda courses entirely(not wat dey optioned for)...well Datz cool wasnt dat style meant for supplementary list?

so why all d mix up now???

watz AAU up to?
24-Oct-2016 16:50:36 ·
dickson debbie; stand to be corrected tho
24-Oct-2016 16:51:21 ·
dickson debbie; meanwhile you've been admitted right? @keemie
24-Oct-2016 16:53:23 ·
owseey; my cut off mark is 47 accounting... can i be given any oder course?
24-Oct-2016 19:25:02 ·
owseey; sorry i meant 46
24-Oct-2016 19:25:31 ·
dickson debbie; hold up a sec!

accounting's cutoff mark dey say is 47...well dat not too gross!!! just pray!!!!
24-Oct-2016 20:55:36 ·
Keemie; Yah Debbie.. Being Admitted with my initial cos.. Comp Sci
24-Oct-2016 22:45:31 ·
dickson debbie; aiit...congrats
24-Oct-2016 23:01:05 ·
Fortuneose; If an aspirant doesn't meet up with the court of mark for his/her initial course choice he/she will be pushed to a random course , a frnd of mine got 53 and opted in for medicine but was pushed to zoology.So its better to pass the cut off mark.Grateful i was given!!
25-Oct-2016 13:34:03 ·
Fortuneose; Initial course Mls n was admitted to Mls
25-Oct-2016 13:35:01 ·
dickson debbie; cool!!!

bt here I am...passed d cutoff mark...still showing pending
25-Oct-2016 21:25:01 ·
Fortuneose; What course and what did you score???
Note: u must pass d cut off mark with a resonable digit!!
25-Oct-2016 23:15:17 ·
owseey; yea me too...still showing pending..
25-Oct-2016 23:22:16 ·
dickson debbie; @fortuneose

my course's accounting

screening score: 51

cutoff mark: 47

check dat out
26-Oct-2016 06:40:17 ·
Fortuneose; Okay. Jus b patient dear it will be out in second batch!!
27-Oct-2016 15:11:52 ·
princesslizzy73; Still waiting for mine too i got 62 cut off mark 56 MBBS and still saying pending as this morning. They said they are still loading, when l heard lecture for my course has started. God help me. Debbie how far?
07-Nov-2016 10:42:31 ·
dickson debbie; I'm gud hommie @princesslizzy73....and you?
07-Nov-2016 13:56:24 ·
princesslizzy73; Good too. Except this waiting o.
07-Nov-2016 14:59:08 ·
dickson debbie; lol...pretty not cool
07-Nov-2016 18:56:19 ·
princesslizzy73; have been admitted MBBS. those waiting may your own come in Jesus name.
09-Nov-2016 09:48:06 ·
dickson debbie; me too...accounting... I'm so so happy lord!
09-Nov-2016 11:21:34 ·
princesslizzy73; Your admission status, what is it saying? mine still says pending, but my data says admitted.
09-Nov-2016 12:28:06 ·
yuwaq; Same with me o,mine is still pending
21-Nov-2016 11:29:35 ·
yuwaq; Pls someone should help me check my jamb status i could nt check my
21-Nov-2016 11:36:03 ·
drinkwater says;
congrats guys
24-Oct-2016 10:16:01 ·
Prof. Suigeneris says;
Congratulations to those admitted Dudes and to those who are yet to be admit,I am happy for my brother from another mother PATRICK
24-Oct-2016 10:16:17 ·

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