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How to get Unizik registration number without going to portals

Posted: 12-Feb-2012 [18:33:19] into General by OZIOMA.FAVOUR for unizik 5079 views | 4 Replies

Go to and enter username i.e jamb reg enter password i.e e - clearance password. When u log in the site would prompt a compulsory change of password except the site would still be locked.After changing password click on on verify on type of payment which is tuition fees note accreditation is still not going so it can not be confirmed at the moment.After that enter the school fees confirmation and log out. Then log in with same username but this time your new password not e - clearance note never make mistake of forgetting your password and their site password manager is case sensitive so take care to remember if it's in capital or small letters. Upon successful login the first message u see is your password note u have to print it immediately.

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Replies (4)
Judikul says;
Wud d reg no appear afta the ist login?
13-Feb-2012 12:39:28 ·
it would not appear except when u have comfirmed your tuition fees then logout and login
13-Feb-2012 13:07:48 ·
Goodygab says;
is accreditation fee compulsory before one gets his reg number?
20-Feb-2013 19:51:29 ·
cydox says;
Don't know my password
13-Jul-2015 09:22:18 ·

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