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UNIBEN: will uniben accept e8 in mathematics for mass communication?

Posted: 03-Jul-2012 [10:01:35] by youngpol

23 answers to this question.

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Most Recent Answers (23)

calz0 answer;
I don't think so. It's pretty clear that candidates must have at least five credits (including mathematics and english and relevant subjects pertaining to their courses of study) in their O level(SSCE/GCE) results before they can be admitted into most(probably all) universities,polythenics etc. I believe you know also that you can combine results(at most 2) to be eligible for admission.
So my advice is, if you have another result with at least a credit in maths which you can combine with this, use it, if not, I'm sorry but you'll have to write again.
03-Jul-2012 11:15:50 ·
Ste_wart; Stop equating Maths to Eng. Maths is nt as relevant as Eng. in regards to "O" level and jamb requirements. Consult a brochure.
31-Oct-2013 19:25:29 ·
jjworld answer;
YES, they accept dat, bcos maths is nt a subject for mass communication, but u must ve five SSCE credit passes to include english language.
03-Jul-2012 12:04:24 ·
Standing12 answer;
I can say authoritatively here nd now dat a E8 in maths for mass comm iz totally acceptable even in uniben...i've gone tru d o'level requirements dats y i'm so sure
25-Sep-2012 02:43:30 ·
iam_larrystyles answer;
yes they will accept you into the school,even with a e8 in maths.according 2 d requirements for mass comm students on uniben website required u have 5 credit in other subjects including english and literature.
02-Oct-2012 06:56:28 ·
Dauglas2 answer;
Ya dey do accept nt only E8 but also F9 nd G10 even H11.becus u no get sense(GOAT)
19-Jan-2013 09:37:51 ·
cyrilo; it's jst a question y insulting him
05-Oct-2013 08:27:54 ·
E8 nor b result na..evn if u r studyin agriculture...
31-Jan-2013 08:17:35 ·
oluseyi answer;
This is not to demoralize you dear fellow Nigerian. I can tell you with all fidelity that even Ospoly woun't accept D7 in maths for masscomm.
I'm saying this from experience.
12-Aug-2013 19:18:26 ·
Ganiuclis; please i dnt hav crs in mine o'level, can yoruba be use in place for mass comm
16-Mar-2014 22:13:15 ·
emma13 answer;
No they won't supposing is ordinary credit then but they won't accept e8
13-Aug-2013 00:17:34 ·
God's General answer;
No, uniben will not accept. Atleast a credit pass(c6)
13-Aug-2013 03:46:13 ·
y2k62 answer;
The difference between E8 and F9 is just 1 mark. Its just an unacceptable grade.
19-Aug-2013 15:45:39 ·
metaphysics answer;
u are naturally dull!even the worst sch won''t accept dat.u had better go and register 4 waec again.monkey!
05-Oct-2013 10:32:43 ·
Onyenzzy; You need'nt insult him because he asked a questn. It would b polite if ur replied him leaving out the insults besides u were nt forced to ansa him... Who would u feel if u r treated d same way?
05-Oct-2013 12:44:56 ·
y2k62; Hello dude. Are u also on Nairaland?
31-Oct-2013 19:52:53 ·
Kechie; Village big fool. Ugly dudes mostly talk this way
23-Aug-2014 17:35:48 ·
bursedeh answer;
pls wud f9 in crk disturb ones admission into masscomm in uniben?
05-Oct-2013 12:27:20 ·
Yes they will..
31-Oct-2013 18:35:16 ·
Obanovwe Godstime answer;
wat abt 8crdts and d7 in literature can sum1 go for mass comm or linguistics?
31-Oct-2013 20:26:16 ·
perfectguyng answer;
Wat of pol sci? aldou I hv done GCE and got c6 in maths
28-Jan-2014 05:14:29 ·

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