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UNIBEN: What is uniben post ume cutoff mark?

Posted: 30-Jun-2011 [17:05:29] by Eclair

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Most Recent Answers (68)

yomix007 answer;
wow! Thanks be to God i have been offered admission @uniben to study mass communication. Please can anyone itemise the necessary documents to be provided for the 2014/2015 uniben clearance exercise. Thank you.
30-Aug-2014 08:58:51 ·
Phil James; Pls tel me ur ume score
30-Aug-2014 09:14:19 ·
Phil James; Wat did u score in ur post ume not ur agre8
30-Aug-2014 20:28:33 ·
yomix007; I had an aggregate of 59
30-Aug-2014 22:38:59 ·
yomix007; the cut off mark is 58 according to information on myschool.
30-Aug-2014 22:40:42 ·
Carrick answer;
Uniben post utme cut- off mark is 65%
21-Aug-2014 13:59:00 ·
lightsage; Wat z ur agg
21-Aug-2014 16:11:26 ·
emmylizzy answer;
I got 55% goin 4 accounting, wat is my chans of gettin admitted in2 accountin?
21-Aug-2014 08:51:28 ·
P-light answer;
If u scored 50 n above,surely u'll gain addmission,but mite ve a diff course. I hrd 4rm a reliable source that d science related courses ve got their marks reduced..#fingerscrossed
20-Aug-2014 11:32:20 ·
Kallybeauty; REDUCE TO WAT
21-Aug-2014 10:57:03 ·
P-light; I heard nursing is 56
26-Aug-2014 18:39:50 ·
Olufrance answer;
Pls does anybody knows sometin about changing of course.
19-Aug-2014 21:04:22 ·
oscarebu answer;
i gt an aggr8 of 62 nd putme score of 71. am going for med nd surg,nd i kw dat my lord who i serve will do it for me,in JESUS NAME,AMEN.
19-Aug-2014 20:53:18 ·
oscarebu answer;
i gt an aggr8 of 62 am going for med nd surg,i kw dat my lord who i serve will do it for me,in JESUS NAME,AMEN
19-Aug-2014 20:51:42 ·
Perewale answer;
i just have a question to ask about po.sci nd pub.admin dept i have econs cancelled in my result but i have eng,maths,acct,comm,govt...will uniben accept it my jamb combo are eng,maths,comm,govt...uniben did not state econs in the brochure but im just worried
14-Aug-2014 23:37:56 ·
Nosa kelvin; No worries.. Dat combination is perfect since commerce is thre#wish u success, wats ur utme aggregate?
26-Aug-2014 07:34:22 ·
Perewale; 61agg...i just check admission status i have been admitted...Glory be to God...Fenks for your concern man...You are a student or aspirant for political science???
26-Aug-2014 08:18:20 ·
Nosa kelvin; Yap pol sci, hav been admitted 2
01-Sep-2014 11:12:59 ·
Perewale; Are you on whatsapp if Yes drop your number my course mate lol...
01-Sep-2014 13:04:07 ·
Nosa kelvin; 08181951905
25-Sep-2014 15:02:48 ·
Olufrance answer;
Pls is D7 or E8 in Lit in eng accepted law or masscom in Uniben i have odas nd if no which course can 1 do wit dat
14-Aug-2014 20:45:45 ·
Nosa kelvin; Uniben won't accept that
01-Sep-2014 11:26:04 ·
Khaysolo answer;
Pls i got 51 as aggr in d putme nd i chose med lab science,pls wat ar my chances on getting adminsn.My 2go usaname kaysolo1995
14-Aug-2014 20:23:20 ·
3lffstrinq; thin i say, myself i qot 54 buh not admitted yet! Other mls aspirants av been seeinq av relatively low marks....50,51, 52 55....av nuh rly seen 60.
30-Aug-2014 10:17:57 ·
Kallybeauty answer;
14-Aug-2014 10:07:17 ·
Kallybeauty answer;
Any hope..agg 49
13-Aug-2014 17:49:20 ·
orexdakid answer;
11-Aug-2014 22:37:53 ·
Markwonder answer;
Pls ppl don't be afraid just wait for the admission list, stop panicking you'll be surprised that you made it. I wish you all well
04-Aug-2014 13:00:29 ·

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