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UNIBEN: What is uniben post ume cutoff mark?

Posted: 30-Jun-2011 [17:05:29] by Eclair

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omolara turner answer;
wat is uniben cut off mark
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30-Jun-2011 18:09:26 ·
Tymix54 answer;
Uniben jamb cut off mark iz; 200 nd post ume cut off mark iz ; 50. Bt note dere iz wat dey call deptmental cut off mark i.e various depts av dier various cut off marks. For instance last year d cut off marks for eco-stat: 55, accoutin 52 etc.. Xo u av 2 get ur dept's cut off mark b4 u tink ov admission into ur choice ov dept.
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18-Jun-2012 11:43:09 ·
younghacklord answer;
d cut-off mark is 50,nd diz is hw is goes...ur utme result wud be divided by 8 den added 2 ur p-utme score.
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20-Jun-2012 09:26:00 ·
@trish answer;
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21-Jun-2012 11:17:15 ·
Uviepaul answer;
The cut off mark is gotten from your utme score which is divided by 8. It's also gotten from your post utme score which is divided by 2. For instance you score 240 in your utme and score 60 in your post utme... Your cut off will be 60 i.e {240/8} + {60/2}.. Am sure one will be given admission when he has such score.
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24-Jun-2012 10:16:34 ·
Chemvik answer;
Don't be deceived! We are only assuming. To be frank with u, UNIBEN HAS NO CUT OFF MARK apart from that of JAMB which is 200. You may score 50 and you may not be giving any course! The cut-off mark is determined by not only the departmental cut-off mark, but also by the performance of the students(pume candidates) that year. What am I trying to say? The cut-off mark is not constant. You would be on the safer side of getting any admission of you have a higher 50, that is, as from 55 and above. Take note, it may not be ur course. But they would give u something. As for Medicine, its 70% and above, sometimes 65% if performance of candidate is not that high. For pharmacy, its between 60( a higher 60 to be on the safer side) and above
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24-Jun-2012 23:21:49 ·
jaguaze answer;
Well for those dat need the cut off mark for mass communication,it depends on your performance in ur jamb exam in which you wrote eng and eng.if these above subject scores are above 60,den if u score @least average in ur putme, den just put it at the back of your mind,dat admission is awaiting you @ ur door step.but back it up with prayer and fasting.if u are an indigen,and u pass beat average in d putme then dont just worry.just pray and i am sure dat admission is yours..(optimistic and faith).
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26-Jun-2012 15:48:33 ·
Chibyte answer;
Just as my darlin sis chemvik has said it depends on d score of d pumites dat yr cuz d departmental cutoff mark can vary bt d sch's own standard is 50 agg den u can stat crackin nuts bout d departmental sha God dey all we nid is jes prayer n live a sin-free life to b on d safest side wit ur score ooo above 50 or even 50
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28-Jun-2012 17:57:02 ·
Sirxisco answer;
As u av heard clearly,uniben cut-off iz 200 4 jamb n 50 4 utme bt depends on ur course.
Note:ur mark will b divided by 8 in jamb n divided by 2 in utme n all will b added together.if d skul iz satisfy after adding dz den u got admission.dats iz d technique
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02-Jul-2012 17:33:27 ·
Ominy David answer;
Uniben cut off mark 4 jamb is 200, then putme is 50. It is calculated by dividing ur jamb by 8 and u putme by 2 and the add 2gether. If u score 50 u might be given admision but u are advice to get above 55 to be sure of admision.
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05-Jul-2012 12:48:50 ·
daniel tachere answer;
Uniben cut-off mark 4 d post-ume is 50,but it depends on your choice of dept.
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10-Jul-2012 10:31:05 ·
Onyiibehanna answer;
Uniben jamb cutoff mark is 200, den d pume cutoff mark is 50.but make sure dat u score above 50 2 b on d safe syd oo
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11-Jul-2012 10:13:04 ·
micks25 answer;
Uniben postume cutoff mark is aggregate of 50 meaning that their ll divide ur jamb score into 8 and postume into 2 to get the aggregate.
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15-Aug-2012 23:15:29 ·
Achidesfur answer;
Uniben cutoff mark for pume is 50.
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08-Jan-2013 17:58:04 ·

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