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Posted: 10-May-2013 [14:02:27] into Admission by CERD NIGERIA for ui 16839 views | 34 Replies

It is no news again that every year,millions of students purchase JAMB form and write the exam,thereafter proceed to write a POST-JAMB exam before admission can take place or occur.This admission also depends on the students performance in both Jamb and post utme.

This process starting from purchasing a jamb form to purchasing a post utme form,writing and exam and coming out with a good score is what some student has not been finding so easy or funny.

The most painful aspect about this is that the moment you don't pass the jamb or you even pass the jamb and you don't have a good score in the post ume that year,all your effrt that year is just wasted.

About a hundred and thousands of students failed this year Jamb,the highest in its existence. A very high population of student failed jamb though some of them blame their failure on jamb but the actual fact is that some student have passed through Jamb more than 8 times,And everytime they come out with 240+,250+,260+ and still no ADMISSION was given to them!

I'm a concerned educationist,have received lots of calls,sms and emails from various jamb candidate that is their any other way to gain admission without jamb because they can't risk staying at home for another year (which is not even sure they will make it the next time).This as made me to go into findings(which have cost me hundred of naira on calls) and finally i came out with a result.

In this article, i won't be talking about school that accept your jamb score, rather i will be discussing about OTHER WAYS YOU CAN GAIN ADMISSION INTO TERTIARY INSTITUTION WITHOUT JAMB.

1.THROUGH IJMB: Wondering what is the meaning, it is called INTERIM JOINT MATRICULATION BOARD, It is an A level program of 9 month that after completion qualifies you to 200 level in any Nigeria University through Direct Entry. It is a legitimate program which i confirmed from some student in unilorin,Uniabuja and ABU Zaria where this program are done,It also been stated in in jamb brochure'CHECK PAGE 4 OF JAMB BROCHURE ITEM 2.2 (2) TO CONFIRM IJMB AS A REQUIREMENT FOR UNIVERSITY ADMISSION' also check "IJMB DIRECT ENTRY PROGRAMME" under "KWARA STATE UNIVERSITY ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS" "PAGE 30 of jamb brochure" to confirm this.

This program doesn't need jamb rather all its requires is your o'level result be it Waec, neco, nabteb etc (5 credit one sitting,and 6 credit two sittings).Most jambite who failed either in jamb or post ume in the past always do this program and most of them get admission into 200level and meet their colleagues in 200 level.The goodnews is that a lot of people are entering into the university with IJMB program directly into 200 level because of its relevance.

After the 9 months,candidate sit for the final examination of IJMB in "MOST SELECTED POLYTHECNIC" for two weeks...Some weeks after the exam,your result will be released which you can use to apply for Direct entry to any nigeria university.

Note: REGISTRATION has commenced and closes MAY 12,Late registration after MAY 12 requires extra charges on the Registration/Form Fee only.
2.THROUGH DIPLOMA/PRE-DEGREE: Mostly all nigeria tertiary institution offers a diploma and/or pre-degree program.Diploma is a program that runs for 1/2/3 years depending on the school and course which upon completion give you admission into 200level through direct entry while pre-degree runs for 7-9month depending on the school which gives you admission into 100level upon completion.

In addition to my findings about pre-degree some school requires you to pass your jamb but some dont mind your jamb score.The underlisted are some university that don't mind your jamb score
(a)lautech ogbomosho
(b)adekule ajasin
(c)bayaro university
(d)unaab abeokuta
(e)unaad ekiti
(f)futa akure(required 180 jamb score)
(g)And many more!!!
3.THROUGH ANY LEGITIMATE A'LEVEL AWARDING EDUCATIONAL CONSULT: There are some legitimate educational consult across nigeria that award A'level result which can be use to apply for admission into 200level in any tertiary institution in and outside nigeria(i don't want to mention names because am not here to make advert for any)

There is no much difference between my No.1 and these, just that my No.1 can only be used in nigeria,authorized by government and mostly recognized by our tertiary institution.
4.THROUGH SCHOOLS OUTSIDE NIGERIA: All schools outside nigeria dont require you writing jamb or your jamb score, All its requires is your WAEC, or WAEC-GCE result which you must at least have (minimum of 4 credit in one sitting,and 5 credit two sittings)

In-line with my finding,going for these option largely depends on anyone you can afford,for example studying within west africa(e.g Ghana) are much cheaper than travelling abroad.So the decision is yours!
5.THROUGH SOME PROFESSIONAL/INTERNAL COURSES OFFERED IN OUR UNIVERSITY AND POLYTECHNIC: In my finding,i was able to find out that The Polytechnic Ibadan offers a course called LOGISTIC AND TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT,These course is not among the school curricular courses but done within the school and offers a National Diploma(ND) upon the completion of two years.

So many of the internal courses are done in our tertiary institution which people don't know about and doesn't requires you writing jamb or post jamb. call and ask your friend,relatives in any tertiary institution and enquiry about courses done in his/her school that doesn't require jamb or post jamb.
======================================================FOR MORE ENQUIRY ABOUT ANY OF THESE PROGRAM BE IT;
-Which of the program form is currently on sale?
-How to Apply?
-How much is the tuition/accommodation fees?
-And many more.

Furthermore,this article is however open for observation,evaluation and recommendation because there is no end to knowledge!

WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR....Common go and tell MUM & DAD...About it...

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Replies to this topic (34)
10-May-2013 19:55:28
rosybaby says;
pls wat of mouau,do they do dis interim joint and matriculation board

10-May-2013 20:08:54
rosybaby says;
pls does mouau do interim joint nd matriculation board

10-May-2013 20:51:13
Ifymaya says;
pls wat of ndu, do dey also do dis IJMB

10-May-2013 23:08:00
Have received lot of call from aspirant that i should share more light about my No.1 option which is through IJMB.Here is more details to it.
As i stated before IJMB is a 9 month intensive programme which start in May/June 2013 and ends in ends in FEBRUARY 2014
IJMB Candidate are expected to select any THREE (3) A/L SUBJECTS From:
Physics, Chemistry, biology, Mathematics &Geography for Sciences,Economics, Business management, Accounts, Government, Sociology,CRS/IRS,Literature for Arts/Social Sciences/ Humanities candidates.`
On completion of the programme,successful candidates can use their result to gain admission into 200 level in any nigeria tertiary.

(a) five O/L credit passes as contain in jamb brochure
(b) Awaiting result can also apply but O/L result must be available before University

IJMB Result is ACCEPTABILITY in over 70% of nigeria university. The following universities accept IJMB e.g UNILORIN, ABU, UNIJOS, FUT MINNA, FUTA, UNIABUJA,
18-Mar-2015 19:01:27
oladimeji olabisi's reply to young-CEO
pls, so much is d tuition fees and accommodation

11-May-2013 05:52:05
Ifymaya says;
wat abt ndu, is IJMB accepted der? And how wil i go in purchasing d form

11-May-2013 08:19:17
rosybaby says;
pls tell us more abt dis ijmb nd schls dat accept it

11-May-2013 17:27:54
kamal ojuola says;
hw cn i get d form?

13-May-2013 12:59:15
Justice Mandela says;
Can an Awaitin Result be used in Fillin Diploma and IJMB form ?

16-May-2013 12:27:33
IJMB Result is ACCEPTABILITY in over 70% of nigeria university. The following universities accept IJMB e.g UNILORIN, ABU, UNIJOS, FUT MINNA, FUTA, UNIABUJA, BUK,KWASU, FUT YOLA, RIVER STATE UNIVERSITY OF SCI/TECH, CROSS RIVER STATE UNIVERSIY, DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY, BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY, All private universities, all universities in the north and South-South of Nigeria e.t.c.
16-May-2013 19:33:51
Ifymaya's reply to young-CEO
please be specific. what about ndu?
30-Apr-2014 01:43:53
cheerie's reply to young-CEO
i didnt see unilag... is it possible?

16-May-2013 19:57:55
MaxzyIcon says;
You have spoken well

16-May-2013 20:01:01
MaxzyIcon says;
How do i obtain the form?

17-May-2013 00:50:54
preci babe says;
Pls hw can sm1 get d no1(IJMB)form?

23-May-2013 15:21:10
To all interested candidate in the IJMB programme,note that the form is still on and closes soon...
08-Nov-2013 09:22:38
HISWIL's reply to young-CEO
pls when is jamb rgstrn ending, pls reply, tnks!

27-May-2013 15:38:10
IJMB (Interim Joint Matriculation Board) is a 9 month intensive programme which start in May/June 2013 and ends in FEBRUARY 2014... IJMB doesn't require jamb neither your jamb score...Interested IJMB Candidate are expected to select any THREE (3) A/L SUBJECTS From:

1.Physics, Chemistry, biology, Mathematics &Geography for Sciences candidate
2.Economics, Business management, Accounts, Government,Sociology,CRS/IRS,Literature for Arts/Social Sciences/ Humanities candidates.
On completion of the programme,successful candidates can use their result to gain admission into 200 level in any nigeria university through direct entry.

06-Jun-2013 15:41:41
note that the form is still on and closes soon...

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