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Posted: 19-Jan-2013 [12:41:52] into Admission by AJAYI SEUNFUNMI for ui 5696 views | 33 Replies

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Replies to this topic (33)
20-Jan-2013 23:44:07
adroitpal says;
Are you a student of UI
16-Jul-2014 21:03:13
ranti295's reply to adroitpal
not yet, am an aspirant
15-Oct-2014 14:32:48
jnbmalc's reply to adroitpal
I just checked the ui admission list of 2014/ 2015. I don't know what is needed for me to do...

21-Jan-2013 14:59:14
Harlukoh says;
Does ui accepts agric instead of biology for biochemistry?
21-Jan-2013 15:29:22
AJAYI SEUNFUNMI's reply to Harlukoh
UI cannot accept Agric as substitute for Biology if you want to study Biochemistry.

21-Jan-2013 21:16:10
Haryenco4ril says;
Wat is my chances of studying medicine with the ffl o'level result:ENG-C5,MATHS-B3,BIO-B3,CHEM-B3 & PHY-B2?If o'level is to be considered for admission
22-Jan-2013 05:56:12
AJAYI SEUNFUNMI's reply to Haryenco4ril
You have a good O-level result but for Admission O-level carries 60 points while jamb is 40 points making a total of 100 points and out of the O-level 60 points you have 38 point already just make sure that you pass ur jamb with nothing less than 265-275 for you to be considered for Medicine.

22-Jan-2013 10:25:47
Haryenco4ril says;
@ebenezer,pls are you sure of wat u said abt my o-level results for medicine admission in ui? Cos i text d same o-level result to a ui pharmacy student nd he said d o-level result doesn't deem fit for medicine but it is sumhw manageable for pharmacy,d problem is dat i dn't like pharmacy as i like medicine,so dat is y am worried.PLS HLP

22-Jan-2013 19:28:23
Don't be misled by dis guy answers,he is also an aspirant as u ar,kindly visit my thrend 2 see him also asking questions abt ui admission.
22-Jan-2013 21:05:39
adroitpal's reply to young-CEO
How do i reach u
23-Jan-2013 19:03:50
AJAYI SEUNFUNMI's reply to young-CEO
Walexxyy i just want to help my fellow aspirants honestly we all know you're the best you're my master.

23-Jan-2013 10:45:02
Donlovey says;
Guyz pls i'm I qualify 4 law with d following o'level result--Eng;b3 Maths;B3 Govt B2 Lit A1 Crk A1..nd wat do I need 2 score in Jamb?

23-Jan-2013 19:03:55
For more information about University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission follow YOUNG-CEO'S THREND

24-Jan-2013 07:22:05
mikee says;
Is dis result okay english language im ui,math c6 eng c5,gov c5,lit c5,crs c5

24-Jan-2013 07:34:09
Jackrex578 says;
Pls do u.i accept combine result with c grade in combine result@forestry and wood technology

24-Jan-2013 07:37:16
Jackrex578 says;
Pls do u.i accept combine result with c grade in direct entry@waec result@forestry and wood technology

24-Jan-2013 18:44:50
Kindly visit my thrend most of dis ur questns av already bin ansad...

24-Jan-2013 18:50:59
To all UI aspirant kindly go through my post about most frequently asked question(faq) on the school admission exercise...

After checking and you still have more questions 2 ask then go to my UI forum...

I and sum enlightened users ar ready to ansa ur questions...success wishes 2 u all in ur upcoming jamb

24-Jan-2013 20:23:12
kaceee says;
pls guys dont be confused oooo ui does nt use o level again for chances of gaining admissin
03-Jul-2015 09:45:00
sharonrose's reply to kaceee

24-Jan-2013 20:46:03
kaceee says;
i did their post utme last year i scored 49 history bt i wasnt admitted.infact,no one can discern or forsee ui decision.and i implore u aspirant dont apply for competitive courses plsssssssss
02-Jun-2013 10:30:29
Xclusive's reply to kaceee
hhi bozz..i am ui aspirant let b frnd on 2go ahmed906 or rather u post ur 2go username..

02-May-2013 16:25:55
chigenius says;
pls how is UI selecting its candidate this year?

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