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SCHOOL: i need the jsce examination expos do someone have?

Posted: 27-Apr-2012 [13:43:57] by Modarc

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Most Recent Answers (45)

sakiiiii answer;
you stupid expo 4 what?
27-Sep-2014 22:54:22 ·
Aminu Sakinat answer;
yes, i have
27-Sep-2014 22:52:28 ·
Pornyprince answer;
Dis one joke of d year.I wish I knew u.I wld av borrowed u my books,bt wunt allow u take dem to d exam hall
03-Sep-2014 22:52:55 ·
rwangas answer;
03-Sep-2014 22:50:44 ·
Crisnanado answer;
don't depend on expo.. read ur books
18-Jun-2014 00:47:04 ·
alade6440 answer;
Hahahah. At ur age u are looking for expo. Read hard and u will pass and don't depend on expo.
15-Jun-2014 13:50:18 ·
oluwadickson answer;
at ur age?na wa o........
15-Jun-2014 11:20:31 ·
val onih answer;
for ur xpo i had simply recomend ugo.c.ugo,oh boi @ dis age,very soon we had c request for common entrace xpo
23-May-2014 20:15:07 ·
MEELUS answer;
I've posted more dan 3 tyms on dis page concerning my chance of gainin admission dis yr wit my jamb score bt no1 seem 2 care, jst nw a js student demanded 4 expo, pple ar preachin 2 him as if we ar in church.
09-May-2014 11:59:38 ·
Ijik answer;
Dont worry,i will send it to u nxt year,let's say march :-D .ordinary jss3.i need to ask of d sch u attend.anyways DIS Z NT A SITE 4 EXPO,CHECK SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!
07-May-2014 15:37:13 ·
Teewalola answer;
What is dis country turnin into sf? U nid expo 4 jsce? Wat wld u dn nid 4 wassce? U beta read wel nd study pq
22-Apr-2014 07:53:42 ·
Ijik; As in eh
07-May-2014 15:29:55 ·
Teewalola; Na so we c am
13-Jul-2014 21:07:20 ·
FamDamSam answer;
Go and buy Evergreen Best Solution. I'am sure you need not expo but past questions from js1 to js3
22-Apr-2014 05:32:57 ·
williams chibuzor answer;
Whoever posted this rubbish requesting for expo while he/she is still in JSS3 is not suppose to be in school. He is suppose to be an apprentice in a mechanic workshop
21-Apr-2014 23:41:13 ·
IamAce answer;
At JSS3, uve already started depending on expo. I simply will not advide u, the people who posted before have already done that. Its left for you to either take their advice or leave it.
But personally I believe ure finished. Your case is just irritating. First time I've seen a JSCE student ask fro expo. What are the Nigerian students even turning into..
Retrace your steps back and quickly. Else you're heading to carnage.
21-Apr-2014 23:00:15 ·
Emmz answer;
I agred
23-Mar-2014 17:20:01 ·

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