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The questions below are those that students are interested in discussing on, at this time. Please feel free to join in the discussion and also contribute, while learning something new today.

English Language: Select the option that best explain the information conveyed in the sentence.

The politician was pilloried by the press for his inflammatory remarks?

A. The politician was snubbed by the press for his remarks
B. The politician was criticized by the press for his remarks
C. The politician was closely questioned by the press for his remarks
D. The politician was ridiculed by the press for his remarks

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Government: The constitution of federal system is usually

A. written and rigid
B. superior in content
C. difficult to understand
D. for the use of the federal government only
E. suspended for a general elections

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Chemistry: 2Na 2 O 2(s) + 2H 2 O 2(1) → 4 NaOH(s) +O2(s)
The substance that is oxidized in the reaction above is

A. 2NaO2(s)
B. NaOH(aq)
C. H2O(1)
D. O2(g)

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Accounts - Principles of Accounts: What is the cardinal rule of the double entry system?

A. Debit the increasing account and credit the decreasing account
B. Debit the receiving account and credit the giving account
C. Debit the asset account and credit the liability account
D. Debit the revenue account and credit the expenditure account

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Biology: The type of interaction shown is referred to as

A. interspecific competition
B. intraspecific competition
C. mutualism
D. cooperation

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Chemistry: A certain industrial process is represented by the chemical equation 2A(g) + B(g) \(\to\) C(g) + 3D(g) \(\Delta\)H = X kJmol-1. Which of the following conditions will favour the yield of the products?

A. increase in temperature, decrease in pressure
B. increase in temperature, increase in pressure
C. decrease in temperature,increase in pressure
D. decrease in temperature, decrease in pressure
E. constant in temperature, increase in pressure

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English Language: Choose the option nearest n meaning to the word or phrase underlined.
The common practice among some media practitioners is to be sensational in their reporting.

A. prevalent
B. rampart
C. ordinary
D. cogent

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Literature in English: This question is based on Literary Appreciation.

That age is best which the first is.
When youth and blood are Warner;
But being spent, the worse ,
and worst Times still succeed the former.
The rhyme scheme is

A. abba
B. abab
C. aabb
D. bbaa

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English Language: Choose the appropriate stress pattern from the option. The syllables are written in capital letters.


A. geneaLOGY
B. geneALOGY
C. geNEalogy
D. GEnealogy

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Chemistry: Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing boiling point

A. I < II < IV < III
B. IV < III < II < I
C. I < II < III < IV
D. IV < II < I < III

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