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The questions below are those that students are interested in discussing on, at this time. Please feel free to join in the discussion and also contribute, while learning something new today.

Physics: Which of the following statements is incorrect? The sensitivity of a galvanometer which incorporates an optical lever arrangement may be increased by providing

A. a larger number of turns in the coil
B. a thinner suspension with a small torsional control
C. a special alloy permanent magnet which gives a high magnetic flux
D. all of the above
E. a light source with a greater intensity

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Agricultural Science: Which of the following characteristics is not correct of pigs?

A. prolific animals
B. efficient feed converters
C. source of meat
D. source of land
E. source of skin

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Mathematics: What is the acute angle formed when the point V is joined to Q?

A. 60o
B. 30o
C. 45o
D. 90o
E. 15o

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Physics: The diagram above shows two wave forms P and Q at a particular instant in time. the two waves will interface

A. destructively to produce a wave of larger amplitude
B. destructively to produce a wave of smaller amplitude
C. constructively to produce a wave of larger amplitude
D. constructively to produce a wave of smaller amplitude

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Chemistry: An element Y has the electronic configuration 1s22s22p6623p4. To what period does it belong in the periodic table?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

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English Language: Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the option that most suitably fills the space;
If this had happened to you, what .....?

A. would you do
B. have you done
C. would you have done
D. will you do
E. would you be doing

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Physics: A 120\(\Omega\) resistor dissipates 8 kJ of heat in 20s. Calculate the current through the resistor

A. 5.8A
B. 6.9A
C. 30.0A
D. 33.3A

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Physics: The diagram above illustrates the velocity-time graph of the motion of a body. Calculate the total distance covered by the body

A. 50m
B. 65m
C. 175m
D. 225m
E. 300m

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English Language: Choose the most appropriate option opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

As soon as the headmaster appeared, the chanting resumed?

A. immediately
B. much later
C. soon after
D. almost as

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Biology: In mammals, the function of the sebaceous gland is to

A. produce sweat
B. secrete sodium choride
C. secrete water
D. produce an oily substance
E. manufacture vitamin D for the skin

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