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OAU: How many unpaired electron are in p-orbitals of a fluorine atom?

Posted: 19-May-2013 [17:45:31] by mjpop

37 answers to this question.

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Most Recent Answers (37)

danyoung97 answer;
there is three unpair electron in d p orbital of fluorine
25-Jun-2014 08:45:23 ·
obinnasilas answer;
06-Apr-2014 23:00:57 ·
Sadaiz answer;
06-Apr-2014 21:17:20 ·
yobbybabe answer;
fluorine configuration:1s^2,2s^2,2p^5.. fluorine has only 1 unpaired electron.. because P=6
06-Apr-2014 20:46:31 ·
babascience answer;
06-Apr-2014 15:23:05 ·
Princebenugo answer;
1 unpaired
05-Apr-2014 14:31:53 ·
jakat20 answer;
fluorine has one unpaired electrone
03-Apr-2014 19:59:09 ·
Nnabuz33 answer;
1 unpaired electron
28-Mar-2014 18:02:52 ·
kendon234 answer;
'1' bicos '2p' orbital has a max of '6' complt spin so for flourine 2 complt d spin u have to add '1' e.g 1s2 2s2 2p5 1s2 2s2 2p6
28-Mar-2014 14:12:27 ·
Ashamariam answer;
Flourine s atomic no 9, havn electronic configuratn of 1s2, 2s2, 3p5. D no of unpair electron in p-shel s 1 bcs S=2, P=6 D=10 and F=14
28-Mar-2014 08:12:28 ·
hollamiday answer;
1 unpaired
27-Mar-2014 22:37:58 ·
mofeoluwa11 answer;
no unpaired electron
27-Mar-2014 22:27:09 ·
babascience answer;
24-Feb-2014 22:47:53 ·
chocobabe501 answer;
23-Feb-2014 22:39:38 ·
comely answer;
How many unpaired electrons are in the p-orbitals of a fluorine atom?
23-Feb-2014 22:03:20 ·

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