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25-Nov-2015 19:13:58, rayhenry82 writes for Mapoly;
MAPOLY Releases 2nd Batch Admission List – 2015/16
Title 1

Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, MAPOLY 2nd admission list for the 2015/2016 academic session.
The Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) second batch admission list for the 2015/2016 academic session ... Read More

22-Nov-2015 19:12:23, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Important Things To Do In Your 20s Before You Regret It..
Title 1

Our 20s fly by before we know it, and we want to make sure we did the decade justice. Did we worry about the right things? Are we where we should be now? The best way to prepare for those questions ... Read More

21-Nov-2015 23:04:05, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
See The Real Definition Of ‘Wahala’ Read and Add Yours!!..LOL!!!...
Title 1

When the person interviewing you at your new job is the same guy you insulted in traffic – You go apologise tire.
When you tell your friend “your mama!!!” and turn around and see his or ... Read More

24-Nov-2015 15:56:46, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Question Of The Day:- Your Boo OR ₦15m?
Title 1

Hi Guys,
Imagine you’ve got an Incredible offer to choose between your Boo or ₦15m,Which would you choose?
Be sincere!!! Drop your Answer with Points to back it up.

24-Nov-2015 15:46:21, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Checkout This Made In Aba Swimming Pool...LOL!!!...
Title 1

This swimming pool is the best in NIGERIA!!....LOL...

22-Nov-2015 01:34:10, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Do You Know Your Shoe Size Can Tell Your Age? (See This)
Title 1

Your shoe size can tell your age.
Grab your calculator and try this: Here is how it goes;
1. Take your shoe size.
2. Multiply it by 5.
3. Add 50.
4. Multiply by 20.
5. ... Read More

23-Nov-2015 11:24:45, dominzy writes for Futo;
Job Vacancy (funny)
Title 1

what will u do if u see this signboard and u are seriously looking for work?

24-Nov-2015 11:01:46, ricco14 writes for Unilorin;
Title 1

It's almost four weeks since lectures
commenced @ d prestigious University Of
Ilorin and almost 2 months since d first batch
(so called merit list) was released .
The respected VC ... Read More

24-Nov-2015 04:34:30, DOMINIQUE442 writes for Akutech;
Breaking News to AKSU first Choice Admitted Candidate
Title 1

This is to inform the first choice candidates of Akwa Ibom
State University whose names appeared in the admission
list that they can start paying their acceptance fees
kindly find ... Read More

22-Nov-2015 19:17:22, rayhenry82 writes for Unilorin;
Unilorin Set To Use Drones For Exam Monitoring And Surveillance
Title 1

If the authorities of the University of Ilorin accede to suggestions by members of the institution’s Drone Team, it is highly probable that the University will, in future, monitor examinations ... Read More

22-Nov-2015 19:27:48, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Photo Of Girl Who Sells Groundnut By Road Side Doing Her Home Work
Title 1

This should be inspiring to everyone who come up with excuses to sell their bodies or do drugs on the streets of Lagos.
You can actually make it the legit way. This little girl’s future is ... Read More

21-Nov-2015 08:05:04, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Photo Of The Day:- As A Nigerian Man, Can You Do This?
Title 1

98% Nigerians can’t do this.

23-Nov-2015 09:54:18, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
10 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Monday
Title 1

Are you always afraid of Mondays? Below are tips on how you can make today your best day ever.
1. Be present.
Instead of having your mind elsewhere, bring yourself back to now, in this ... Read More

21-Nov-2015 01:46:05, Emceeblackky writes for Unilorin;
The girl who Take a selfie in a coffin
Title 1

A young girl who is probably bored, has decided to take a picture in the most unlikely of places. There is nothing people will not do for
photographs. The young girl in the photo above, ... Read More

22-Nov-2015 01:41:58, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Question Of The Day:- Get In Here If You’re Bold Enough!!!
Title 1

Here is my Question of the Day
I know some of you will run or wait for someone to get the Correct answer first before you can comment
“Why is there a D in Fridge but not in ... Read More

21-Nov-2015 23:35:59, Tari_spice writes for Ndu;
Presido~Buhari's waec results
Title 1

Glimpse@ this result... the ball is in your court!!!

18-Nov-2015 00:07:48, IDEASFLAME writes for Uniben;
How To Understand The Bible - Grow Your Spirituality
Title 1

Read With Your Mind...

NOTE:- This article source from

Let’s suppose that you are driving to a very important
appointment. It’s urgent!
The ... Read More

17-Nov-2015 13:10:39, rayhenry82 writes for Fountain;
Fountain University, Osogbo Closed Indefinitely After Rampage
Title 1

Fountain University, Osogbo has been closed down indefinitely and students sent home after they went on rampage.
The Management of Fountain University, Osogbo, formally announces the closure of ... Read More

18-Nov-2015 20:06:42, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Interesting!! If Your Wife Did This To You, What Would You Do?
Title 1

Hi Guys,
Read this Post below and drop your comment.
Robbers enter a house, asks for all the money and valuables. After they collect what they can, they give the man of the house a gun with ... Read More

19-Nov-2015 01:12:23, Efe Helen Augustus writes for School;
Hey friends, what do you think of success? Is achieve through hard work, others effort or by God's grace?. Nevertheless, let go on a success journey.
Title 1

Success; a fact that proves achievement as it is a child to hardwork and determination, a sister to victory and a mother to prosperity and joy, has it road to be very crooked. ... Read More

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