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26-Jul-2016 11:14:52, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Some Qualities Every Student Needs To Be Successful
Title 1

Are your grades not what they should be? Many young adults find themselves overstretched and overwhelmed by their educational pursuits!

Well, positive change requires effort. Numerous ... Read More

26-Jul-2016 11:03:24, Myschool Amos writes for School;
ICPC And NANS Patner In A Bid To Curb Corruption In Higher Institutions
Title 1

The Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) to check ... Read More

26-Jul-2016 11:37:04, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Word Of The Day - Pidgin
Title 1


: a simplified speech used for communication between people with different languages

"In his 1992 book, A History of American English, the late linguist ... Read More

25-Jul-2016 10:56:12, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Physically Challenged Nigerian Graduates From University In Cyprus
Title 1

Congratulations are in order for Ahmad Suyudi who despite his condition -graduated with good grades from Business Administration at the Akdeniz K University, Cyprus. The physically challenged ... Read More

23-Jul-2016 00:40:10, BELIEVE PHIL writes for School;
Factors to consider when choosing a private/public university in Nigeria!!
Title 1

Private or Public? which is best for you,which do you prefer.

Many students these days choose private universities when making a choice of institution. Still may others swear that public ... Read More

21-Jul-2016 12:46:22, Myschool Amos writes for School;
When a Maths Teacher Is Asked To Fill-in For The English Teacher
Title 1

This maths teacher was asked to take English language class when the English language teacher was not available and this happened...

When I saw this, I was Like .....WOW!!!!

21-Jul-2016 09:00:52, Tdon46 writes for Kasu;
Word For The Day - Tactile
Title 1

tactile • \TAK-tul\ • adjective

1 : perceptible by touch : tangible

2 : of, relating to, or being the sense of touch


"The keyboard has good ... Read More

20-Jul-2016 10:31:44, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Bauchi Secondary Students Sitting On The Floor To Learn
Title 1


20-Jul-2016 10:28:42, Myschool Amos writes for Pti;
Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Students Involved In A Motor Accidents
Title 1

Students of the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun, Delta State -are all filled with praised and thanks to God for saving them from this tragic accident. According to reports, the students ... Read More

19-Jul-2016 11:32:09, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Bill Gates - "My Message To The Next Generation Of Africans"
Title 1

I was 9 years old when Nelson Mandela was sent to prison on Robben Island. As a boy, I learned about him in school, and I remember seeing reports about the anti-Apartheid movement on the evening ... Read More

19-Jul-2016 11:55:57, Myschool Amos writes for Uniuyo;
UNIUYO Ex-student - "A Typical Result In University Of Uyo, Nigeria"
Title 1

The ex-student also had this to say about his alma mata

"Out of about 100students dat offered dat course, about 70 of them FAILED. if abt 70pple out of 100pple taking a Course fails: My ... Read More

19-Jul-2016 12:32:02, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Word Of The Day - Raconteur
Title 1


: a person who excels in telling anecdotes

A bona fide raconteur, Taylor can turn even mundane experiences into hilariously entertaining ... Read More

18-Jul-2016 10:48:41, Myschool Amos writes for School;
"We Will Not Be Adopting CBT" - Says WAEC
Title 1

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has made it clear that it has no interest in adopting the computer-based test (CBT) as a method in conduct of its examination.

Yusuf Ari, the ... Read More

18-Jul-2016 10:53:50, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Word Of The Day - Astute
Title 1


1 : having or showing shrewdness and perspicacity

2 : crafty, wily

The candidate made a number of astute observations about both foreign and ... Read More

17-Jul-2016 [00:17:10], Ifeanyiisaacs writes for Unizik;
Tips Of The Day - #MondayMotivation

Think of how to grow up.

Always be distinct about which side to take.

Always try something uncommon as the bases of yourgrowing up.

Stay on your focus always.

15-Jul-2016 12:15:57, Myschool Amos writes for Unizik;
China Opens Research Facility In UNIZIK
Title 1

"The Chinese Language Council International (HANBAN) and Xiamen University have reportedly donated a Chinese Cultural Research Centre to the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) in Anambra ... Read More

15-Jul-2016 12:08:27, Myschool Amos writes for School;
School Principal In Enugu Sacked Over Examination Malpractice
Title 1

The Commissioner of Education Enugu State, Professor Uche Eze, In a recent interview, revealed plans by the state government to revamp education.

Eze responded to speculations while ... Read More

14-Jul-2016 10:35:19, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Nigerian Lady Graduates With Distinction From Southampton University
Title 1

Meet Maimuna Tani Matankari, a 22 year old Nigerian graduate of Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto (UDUS) recently graduated with a Distinction in Software Engineering from the prestigious University ... Read More

14-Jul-2016 10:28:46, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Word Of The Day - eclat
Title 1


1 : ostentatious display : publicity

2 : dazzling effect : brilliance

3 a : brilliant or conspicuous success

b : praise, ... Read More

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