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02-Oct-2015 10:20:52, rayhenry82 writes for Unilorin;
Delay Of Unilorin’s Admission List
Title 1

It’s quite exasperating to say the least at the rate in which admission seekers are being disregarded in our Educational system, Much to my dismay.
Despite the fact that the supposed students ... Read More

05-Oct-2015 11:57:03, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Brain Teaser: Get In Here If You Think You’re Intelligent
Title 1

There are three houses one is red one is blue band one is white. If the red house is to the left of the house in the middle and the blue house is to the right to the house in the middle…Where is ... Read More

05-Oct-2015 12:07:23, rayhenry82 writes for Unilorin;
Good News: Unilorin Finally Announces Date To Release Admission Lists
Title 1

This is to inform Unilorin Aspirants that the management is very sorry for the delay, that they saw what the concerned Unilorin aspirant wrote and are deeply sorry for the inconveniences.
Be ... Read More

05-Oct-2015 07:49:49, dickson casmir writes for Futo;
Title 1

We all in  know that universities in Nigeria are not what it used to be before during the time of our forefathers. Universities then produced excellent students with virtues people like Chinua ... Read More

05-Oct-2015 09:26:02, Muhammedtijani writes for Tasued;
When will TASUED 2nd Batch Admission List be Out?
Title 1

Tasued second batch Admission list.
We the aspirant of tai solarin university of education sick and tired as we still await the second batch list. Lecture has already started it unfair please ... Read More

04-Oct-2015 13:50:00, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Which One Of The Two Is Taking Control Of Your Life? (See Photo)
Title 1

Which one is taking much of your time? Your mobile phone or Bible/Quran.
Are you giving your Bible/Quran same attention you are giving your phone ?
When last have you take your time you ... Read More

04-Oct-2015 21:47:47, Anekesam writes for Fupre;
FUPRE won two(2) International awards today.
Title 1

Congratulations to the Federal University of Petroleum Resources,Effurun(FUPRE),Nigeria and Africa. FUPRE have placed her name on the world lime light today,having won two(2) int'l awards at the ... Read More

03-Oct-2015 01:39:36, charlyrosem writes for Uniben;
How Uniben final year student escaped death today
Title 1

The fire outbreak which happened @ about 3:48pm today,burnt lots of belongings and documents of the occupants of room 204 hall 1 block A.

 As at when the fire broke out a female ... Read More

03-Oct-2015 13:46:15, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Can You Allow Your Best Friend Date Your Sister/brother?
Title 1

I don’t know why most people do not seem to approve relationship between their best friend and their sister/brother.
Even my best friend swore that he would never allow me date his sister. ... Read More

02-Oct-2015 10:46:27, Graceful writes for Ksu;
Alright. Kogi state university aspirants,here's d cut-off mark buh I heard it's fake;nt sure!
Title 1

Please,is there anyone in ksu who applied ENGLISH AND LITERARY STUDIES?send me a pm

03-Oct-2015 06:05:25, rayhenry82 writes for School;
WAEC Allegedly Being Owed N2 Billion 2015 WASSCE Registration Fees
Title 1

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) on Wednesday said that the council was still being owed N2 billion registration fees by state governments for their candidates who sat for the 2015 ... Read More

03-Oct-2015 06:30:33, rayhenry82 writes for Rivpoly;
Brain Teaser: Who Can Answer This Simple Question? Get In Here
Title 1

Here is today Brain Teaser….
Checkout the Question, Brain storm over it and drop your Answer.
Drop your Comment. #Bless

04-Oct-2015 14:16:44, rayhenry82 writes for Ui;
Only One Nigerian University Made The List Of Top 800 Universities In The World
Title 1

Only one Nigerian university is ranked among the top 800 universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2015/2016 released this week.
The only ... Read More

01-Oct-2015 23:47:06, Abanikanda writes for Futa;
Title 1

Futa Students! When are we resuming for the next session?

18-Sep-2015 [10:09:09], Myschool writes for School;
Now you can start blogging on Myschool
Title 1

We're please to inform you of the re-launch of the Myschool Blogging Platform, specially designed for students to gist us about activities happening in and around their school.

It is ... Read More

03-Oct-2015 [10:06:51], Myschool writes for School;
See Photos - #I AM 10 - What's your '10'?

10 years gone and still committed to you. Thank you ARM Pensions (@armengage)! #IAm10

04-Oct-2015 14:12:28, rayhenry82 writes for Oau;
OAU Students Protest Non-Payment Of Workers’ Salaries
Title 1

The Students Union, Obafemi Awolowo University took to the street of Oyo state as its joins in the celebration of Nigeria at 55 to peacefully expressed its displeasure at the non payment of ... Read More

03-Oct-2015 15:13:59, Emmanuel.M. writes for Nsuk;
Title 1

Made to God for his beautiful design in my country since 55 years of struggles and development, even inspite all the greediness and corruptious minds and doing of men in power.
This blog is ... Read More

01-Oct-2015 08:24:41, New Hope writes for Oau;
Explanation of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount
Title 1

Explanation of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount
Jesus began His teachings by stating the way to happiness. The word “blessed” is appropriately translated as “happy”. The poor in ... Read More

03-Oct-2015 21:41:03, dominzy writes for Futo;
FAMAS Award 2016: Spectrum Promises A 2face Fortyfied Experience In The Upcoming
Title 1

The current Director of socials (Dos) of school of management technology(SMAT),FUTO, promises to bring 2face to the FAMAS award. Here's what He said when Our correspondent spoke with him. "Are you ... Read More

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