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11-Feb-2016 11:12:47, Myschool Amos writes for School;
University Of Ibadan Staff Shut Down School Activities In Protest Of Unpaid Arears
Title 1

The non-teaching and senior staff unions of the institution Shut Down Business and administrative activities on Wednesday at the University of Ibadan ( UI) as they protested shortfall in their ... Read More

11-Feb-2016 10:22:25, SoliuFilJannah writes for School;
Before and After Valentine
Title 1

Guys and Ladies. Say no to Val. o!

12-Feb-2016 07:36:22, ABDULMUMINIMUHD1 writes for School;
Is This Really True?
Title 1

gist, Jokes, news, and entertainment

11-Feb-2016 11:21:38, Myschool Amos writes for School;
Unizik Students Involved In Ghastly Motor Accident
Title 1

A group of unizik students were involved in the devastiting motor accident that occurred inside the university campus at the early hours of yesterday involving 2 shuttle buses and a private ... Read More

11-Feb-2016 11:30:10, Myschool Amos writes for School;
UNILAG Students Express Unhapiness Over Results in New Protest....
Title 1

UNILAG Medicine and Surgery students expressed their unhapiness through a protest over the handling of their cross-over to College of Medicine by the school Authority.

According to a ... Read More

14-Jan-2016 14:49:01, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
How Many Guys Can Do This Nowadays?
Title 1

I know ladies will love this because every
lady dreams and fantasize about a guy who
will be there for her, cuddle her and do all
sorts of things for her.
However, I think ... Read More

18-Jan-2016 23:29:25, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Five Bible Verses That Will Motivate And Give You An Extra Push In Life
Title 1

Sometimes we have those days when we
just feel down and need something or
someone to give us a push and get us
There is no better person to turn to then
to God. These ... Read More

21-Jan-2016 16:36:24, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
Title 1

A word pls

10-Feb-2016 01:10:47, starblez2580 writes for Uniuyo;
Examination malpractice
Title 1

I can tell with all amount of confidence that 80% of people out there did this while they where still in school but to be very candid with ourselves,which 1 did you do and who do you think deserves ... Read More

09-Feb-2016 09:48:34, haryormi336 writes for Ibadanpoly;
Dead of The Polyibadan students
Title 1

A ghastly motor accident has claimed
the lives of six m3mberw of the
poltechnic Ibadan, amomg them,
students amd staff.
The accident occured on at about
6pm Monday along ... Read More

05-Feb-2016 14:06:20, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
Unbelievable! Female corper gets pregnant for JSS 2 male student in Osun
Title 1

If you her parents what will you do?

08-Feb-2016 09:38:36, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
How many of us did this
Title 1

pls comment

05-Feb-2016 05:17:39, carter_jr writes for Lasu;
The importance of punctuation
Title 1

Punctuation is very important, learn it, or you would be stroking a pen! - See more at:

04-Feb-2016 15:45:18, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
Hahaha a word pls
Title 1

A word pls

04-Feb-2016 13:03:51, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
Can YOU solve this children's puzzle?
Title 1

Can YOU solve the children's puzzle that leaves adults flummoxed? Brain teaser that asks which direction a bus is travelling in leaves grown ups scratching their heads

04-Feb-2016 12:48:14, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
So Touching! This Young Boy Begs To See An Aeroplane Before He Dies
Title 1

According to the source that sent in this report, This young boy who happens to be a Cancer patient is in an ambulance heading to Kotoka airport because he Wants to See an aeroplane before he ... Read More

03-Feb-2016 09:39:19, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
Can You figure out the answer ?
Title 1

Who can solve this ?

01-Feb-2016 07:57:11, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
The Six Kinds Of People You Will Find In A Church In Naija
Title 1

I have been observing people in my
church for a long time and I have made
a list of the various kinds of people you
find in a typical Nigerian church.
1. The first set of people ... Read More

01-Feb-2016 07:59:32, rayhenry82 writes for Uniport;
Imagine You Own This Ride & Your Pastor Asks You To Sow A Seed With It, Will You? (See Photo)
Title 1

Imagine You Own This Ride & Your
Pastor Asks You To Sow A Seed With It,
Will You?

02-Feb-2016 12:41:56, Myschool Ruth writes for School;
Don’t Give Up!! See What This Deaf Keke Marwa Rider Wrote In Front Of His Keke (Photo)
Title 1

If you want to enter keke and see this what will you do?

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