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FUTO: have Futo released any Admission List for 2012/2013 Academic Session?

Posted: 15-Jul-2012 [19:36:27] by mobis

9 answers to this question.

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Most Recent Answers (9)

Swankylily answer;
No list yet
17-Jul-2012 03:28:05 ·
Jamc1 answer;
List hv nt been pasted bt d önly tin to do is to wait for it by den u wil get d information
17-Jul-2012 03:04:08 ·
CAPPADO answer;
CAPPADO. No list pasted yet but not long from now it will be pasted
16-Jul-2012 23:18:53 ·
Saint louis answer;
No list has been past yet....b expecting it soon
16-Jul-2012 22:12:32 ·
brilliant boi answer;
no admission list yet
16-Jul-2012 21:39:24 ·
brilliant nelson answer;
No list pasted yet
16-Jul-2012 21:34:45 ·
Xslash answer;
16-Jul-2012 20:45:16 ·
chimerlinz answer;
16-Jul-2012 20:36:17 ·
nemeremnwa answer;
No list yet
15-Jul-2012 20:15:17 ·

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