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Latest Post-UTME News

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed, ensure you have your;

Original JAMB Result Slip with Passport Embedded on It. It will be required not only during Post-UTME Screening but during Admission Processing. To obtain this document, click here to place your request

FUTO Post-UTME Result 2015 Released
by sheddyx [08-Sep-2015 [15:15:43]] for futo | Comments [1102]
FUTO Post-UTME 2015 Experience - Share Yours Here
by Dr ICW [18-Aug-2015 [17:23:21]] for futo | Comments [210]
FUTO Changes Post-UTME 2015 Important Dates
by myschool paul [05-Aug-2015 [09:05:52]] for futo | Comments [102]
FUTO Post Utme 2015 Disclaimer Notice
by isaacgravity [29-Jun-2015 [08:54:47]] for futo | Comments [7]
FUTO Post-UTME Secrets Revealed
by IamRichie [11-Jun-2015 [10:35:49]] for futo | Comments [88]
FUTO Releases Post-UTME Result 2014/2015
by kycilae [15-Aug-2014 [13:27:30]] for futo | Comments [453]
A Warning to all FUTO Post-UTME Applicants - Must Read
by Henrya1 [27-Jul-2014 [14:31:17]] for futo | Comments [3]
Solution to pending FUTO 2013/2014 Post UTME Results
by Mr. Wilfred [26-Aug-2013 [18:55:06]] for futo | Comments [29]
Guidelines For Completing FUTO Direct Entry Application Form 2013
by yzchief [06-Aug-2013 [11:20:48]] for futo | Comments [0]
[Pix] Updated: FUTO Post UTME Application 2013/2014 Officially Begins
by Wizvan [07-Jul-2013 [10:55:34]] for futo | Comments [40]
FUTO JAMB 2013 Performance Index
by Markable [24-Jun-2013 [11:52:05]] for futo | Comments [7]
FUTO post UTME result checking problem now solved
by Calvaryvoice [15-Jul-2012 [12:41:12]] for futo | Comments [11]
FUTO Result Problem - Unavailable
by Caleb2wixta [11-Jul-2012 [18:00:39]] for futo | Comments [37]