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Funny Pix of the Day: Brave Goat Fighting Cow in FUTO

Posted: 17-Feb-2012 [19:48:37] into Entertainment by Myschool for futo | 28 Comments


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Comments (28)
okwaranelson says;
the 2 workshops have been under construction for almost 7months now,this is probably an old pix, and pix is not even clear, mayb u should get a better camera dat has a good resolution
18-Feb-2012 00:34:27 ·
TheDoc says;
18-Feb-2012 09:03:08 ·
stevaat says;
wonders shall neva end....
19-Feb-2012 00:09:17 ·
Sagee says;
Dat goad is sure nt a coward
19-Feb-2012 16:29:20 ·
xriscarlise says;
hw u take get dat
06-Mar-2012 09:51:42 ·
Otuazohorprecious says;
Okwaranelson do ur own make we c
06-Mar-2012 10:37:03 ·
daprince says;
o boy I fear,fear.
07-Apr-2012 19:14:32 ·
Paskocute says;
O.M.G.......... That GOAT really get mind o. He's fighting a COW!? Hehehehehe lmao
12-Apr-2012 16:46:27 ·
Phada says;
02-May-2012 10:53:22 ·
Debbyparagon says;
Dat goat probably eat strong akpu b4 he could walk up 2 d funny
02-May-2012 15:22:26 ·
Ifydboy says;
Lol....This is obviously not normal,the goat probably mistakenly ate igbo(weed) leaves...
02-May-2012 16:41:27 ·
Ladyjic says;
9ce trick
02-May-2012 17:15:37 ·
Awazavast says;
the goat is just courageous
02-May-2012 22:21:35 ·
Dspecial1 says;
Ifydboy na u knw wot hpnd dia.... Na igbo(weed) gv am d morale bt is like u 2 d sssshh, hahahahaha dnt mind o,is lik i don perciv am smal.. lol.
06-May-2012 23:58:52 ·

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