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Bayero University Kano, BUK resumes 11th June

Posted: 30-May-2012 [01:44:23] into Events by Dr. Aliyu M Sani for buk | 24 Comments

Hello fellow students, Bayero University Kano will resume her 2011/2012 academic session on Monday 11th June, 2012.

Both fresh and returning students registration shall commence immediately, and the semester is expected to be shorter than normal.

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Some Buk Questions

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Comments on this Information (24)
30-May-2012 07:45:28,
joel ojin deswaga says;
mmmmm...good & better for d School.....

30-May-2012 17:02:12,
Saeed348 says;
chap. . !
03-Jun-2012 18:46:49
Saseedorf's reply to Sa'eed-Freshkid
Hw much do u thnk dy wl sel freshers scratch card, n s it tru dat ppl hv olready startd bukin accomodatn b4 d reg??

31-May-2012 18:45:34,
Hameesy says;
Dats wat we ar waitin 4

01-Jun-2012 12:22:03,
mares4me says;
When is the date for registration

05-Jun-2012 07:18:11,
Saeed348 says;
@sasedorf. . They hve start issuing acomdtn form. .reg fee #18,100
hostel-#5,090 . . And u ar expected 2 pay sme departmental feez. ,d cost depend on d faculty U ar
05-Jun-2012 23:19:34
mammysh's reply to Sa'eed-Freshkid
I am really impressed wt d way u g8 n share infos! I mst say u my most reliable source on myschoolcomm! Keep on d gd work! Kudos @saeed
09-Jun-2012 06:11:16
Saseedorf's reply to Sa'eed-Freshkid
Bt dy say no accomodatn until afta reg @SAEED

06-Jun-2012 05:32:00,
mammysh says;
Pls wats d departmental fees 4 faculty of science??
07-Jun-2012 09:31:08
Saeed348's reply to mammysh
Tencx mamyshA. ..d departmental reg fee 4 faculty of science is #2,000
07-Jun-2012 21:31:17
mammysh's reply to mammysh
Tnx a bunch!

07-Jun-2012 12:17:50,
Rayhanabba says;
@saeed wt abt faculty of medicine
07-Jun-2012 13:19:55
Saeed348's reply to Rayhanabba
07-Jun-2012 14:35:15
Rayhanabba's reply to Rayhanabba

09-Jun-2012 06:47:48,
Spiewich says;
plz when will BUK start their post utme
09-Jun-2012 21:50:07
Saseedorf's reply to Spiewich
Dy'v gat much on dia plate 4 nw.

10-Jun-2012 11:33:58,
mammysh says;
Dat should be around november to february

10-Jun-2012 14:00:34,
Abdul el-man says;
@saeed..maza ur rwili doin a gw8 jahb...nawa ne departmental na engineerin...pls total errtin 4 me..tnxx sosai
11-Jun-2012 22:01:57
Saseedorf's reply to Abdul el-man
18,850 s d primary fee den acmdtn 5,050. Dats ol 4 nw

11-Jun-2012 13:23:48,
sagir says;
pls is d supplementry list out ? Tanx

11-Jun-2012 23:04:45,
mammysh says;
Can any1 tell me d prob of d syt pls? Hav bn tryn 2 log in but it has been dea is no user wt d username on ds data base! Wats d prob pls?

12-Jun-2012 10:08:22,
Ahj93 says;
May Allah helg us Ameen.

13-Jun-2012 21:36:05,
fahad Adam says;

16-Mar-2013 16:15:30,
ahmad musa says;
please the supplementary list is online or not

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