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LANDMARK: whats the school fees of landmark university?

Posted: 27-Jan-2012 [14:22:25] by Chill4me

6 answers to this question.

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Bryanphoenix answer;
School fees for Landmark University students differ according to colleges and courses, but the minimum is most likely within the 450,000 range whereas some engineering courses like E.I.E, Chemical engineering, and others enter the 500,000 range .
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19-Feb-2012 20:31:52 ·
JoeDim answer;
Watin they d study there dat is not in other universities
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27-Jan-2013 18:08:51 ·
zadok407 answer;
For other colleges with the exception of Engineering #450,000....
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01-Oct-2013 11:48:27 ·
Yustash001 answer;
It is as cost as 500k
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30-Jul-2014 13:04:42 ·
ukaatoo answer;
how much is school fees ?
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02-Aug-2014 17:10:04 ·
ukaatoo; is it with accomodation and all other charges for new students
02-Aug-2014 17:17:48 ·
ukaatoo answer;
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02-Aug-2014 18:28:19 ·

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